Paris-Amsterdam Underground

Paris-Amsterdam Underground

By Christoph Lindner
Book Description

The postwar histories of Paris and Amsterdam have been significantly defined by the notion of the “underground” as both a material and metaphorical space. Examining the underground traffic between the two cities, this book interrogates the countercultural histories of Paris and Amsterdam in the mid to late-twentieth century. Shuttling between Paris and Amsterdam, as well as between postwar avant-gardism and twenty-first century global urbanism, this interdisciplinary book seeks to create a mirroring effect over the notion of the underground as a driving force in the making of the contemporary European city.

De naoorlogse geschiedenis van Parijs en Amsterdam wordt sterk gedefinieerd door underground culturen, zowel in fysieke als in metaforische zin. Dit boek bekijkt de culturele uitwisseling tussen beide steden en onderzoekt de geschiedenis van tegencultuur in Parijs en Amsterdam in de tweede helft van de twintigste eeuw. Door steeds heen en weer te schakelen tussen Parijs en Amsterdam, en door de spanning tussen naoorlogs avant-gardisme en de kosmopolitische stad van de eenentwintigste eeuw in kaart te brengen, weerspiegelt dit boek de drijvende kracht van de culturele underground in de grote steden van hedendaags Europa.

Table of Contents
  • Paris-Amsterdam Underground
    • Table of Contents
    • Acknowledgements
    • Foreword
    • 1. Concepts and Practices of the Underground
      • Paris-Amsterdam
      • Hipsters and Counterculture
      • Urban War Games
      • Projections, Mobility, Visibility
      • Future City
    • Part 1: Projections
      • 2. Metromania or the Undersides of Painting
        • The Underneath of Paris
        • The Undersides of Painting
        • Underground and Avant-Garde
      • 3. Mapping Utopia: Debord and Constant between Amsterdam and Paris
        • 1.
        • 2.
        • 3.
        • 4.
        • 5.
        • 6.
      • 4. Amsterdam’s Sexual Underground in the 1960s
        • A sleepy town turns into a sex capital
        • From the 1950s on
        • Male Youth Cultures: Nozems and Provos
        • Sexual Movements
        • Mediatization
        • Nude Shows
        • The Dogmatic Turn
        • Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution
        • Afterword
        • Note
    • Part 2: Mobility
      • 5. Detours, Delays, Derailments: La Petite Jérusalem and Slow Training in Culture
        • Culture as travel
        • Detours as Delays
        • Destination as Detour
        • Some Terminal Points
      • 6. Underground Visions: Strategies of Resistance along the Amsterdam Metro Lines
        • Introduction
        • History, Part 1: The Origins of the Amsterdam Metro
        • History, Part 2: The Nieuwmarkt
        • Protests and Activism in Nieuwmarkt
        • Memorials in the Metro: Greetings from the Nieuwmarkt
        • The Film
        • Conclusion
        • Notes
      • 7. Underground Circulation: The Beats in Paris and Beyond
        • The Beats in Paris
        • Beat Circulation
        • Theorizing the Underground
        • Possibilities for the Underground Today
        • Note
    • Part 3: Visibility
      • 8. (In)audible Frequencies: Sounding out the Contemporary Branded City
        • The City as Brand: City-Marketing and the Creative City
        • Enchantment and Consumption within the Night-time Cityscape
        • Sonic Variations, Inaudible Interventions
      • 9. Red Lights and Legitimate Trade: Paying for Sex in the Branded City
        • Introduction
        • Historical Notes: Painting and Prostitution
        • Re-Writing Heritage, Re-Branding the City
        • Artists, Pimps, and Whores
        • Conclusion
      • 10. Visibly Underground: When Clandestine Workers Take the Law into Their Own Hands
        • ‘N’entre pas sans violence dans la nuit’ – ‘Show Your Cards’
      • 11. Archaeology of the Parisian Underground
        • Introduction: Digging in the Underground
        • From Souterrain to Underground: A Brief Archaeology
        • A Guide through the Paris Underground
        • Mapping the Underground
        • Notes
    • Bibliography
    • Illustrations
    • Contributors
    • Index
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