Canada and the New American Empire: War and Anti-War

Canada and the New American Empire: War and Anti-War

By George Melnyk
Book Description

Noted academics, politicians, and activists examine Canada's decision not to support the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. Each contributor opposes the U.S. action and discusses how CanadaĆ­s non-involvement might affect the future of Canadian-American relations. Included in this collection are never before published essays from high-profile contributors such as: Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector; Douglas Roche, Liberal senator; and Rev. William Phipps, former moderator of the United Church of Canada.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Bibliographic Information
  • Dedication
  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction:From War to Peace
  • Notes
  • Thinking: Canada's Involvement in American Wars
    • Douglas Roche: The U.S. Choice for Canada
    • Tareq Y. Ismail and Jacqueline S. Ismael: Canadian Mass Media and the Middle East
    • Trudy Govier: The John Wayne Fallacy: How Logic Helps Us Lose Our Faith in Violence
    • Colleen Beaumier and Joyce Patel: The Humanitarian Dimension of U.S.-Iraq Relations
    • Jim Harding: The War on Iraq, the Bush Doctrine and Canada's Future
    • Postscript: The Future in Iraq and the United States
    • Notes
    • Bibliography
  • Acting: Peace Activism and the Global Anti-War Movement
    • David Swann: Finding My Voice for Peace
    • Bill Phipps: Faithful Counterpoint to War
    • Donn Lovett: Peace Activism: A Canadian's Involvement in the Iraq Conflict
    • Arthur Clark: Iraq, International Law and Responsible Citizenship in the Twenty-first Century
    • Robert Hackett: Drumbeating for War? Media Versus Peace and Democracy
    • George Melnyk: On Being Trapped in the Paradigm of Endless War: A Peace Option for Canada
    • Notes
  • Observing: International Perspectives on Canada's Role in the New Empire
    • Scott Ritter: Squandered Responsibility: Canada and the Disarming of Iraq
    • Imtiaz Hussain: Doggone Diplomacy? The Iraq War, North American Bilateralism and Beyond
    • Satya R. Pattnayak: The Moral Superiority Complex in the United States Poses a Moral Dilemma for Canada
    • Notes
  • Afterword
    • Mel Hurtig: Foreign and Defence Policy Independence: Will This Be Our Very Last Chance?
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Back Cover
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