Bastard Or Playmate?

Bastard Or Playmate?

By Robrecht Vanderbeeken
Book Description

Artistic media seem to be in a permanent condition of mutation and transformation. Contemporary artists often investigate the limits and possibilities of the media they use and experiment with their crossing, upgrading and mutilation. Others explicitly explore the unknown space between existing media, searching for the hybrid beings that occupy these in-betweens. This fascinating volume explores the theme of mutating and adapting media in its relation to theatre and performance. How did different aspects of theatre evolve in a digital era? How did historical traditions in theatre adapt to new cultural contexts? How are other media remediated in contemporary performances? Does this eventually lead to a contamination or even a disintegration of what we call theatre, or on the contrary, to a revaluation? Bringing together international scholars and artists, the editors offer a comprehensive overview of the subject sensitive to the cross-disciplinary use of key concepts such as remediation, digitization, interactivity, corporeality, liveness, surveillance, spectacle, performativity and theatricality. The book guides readers new to the area of intermediality, as well as experienced researchers into one of the most dynamic fields of scholarship.

Artistieke media zijn onophoudelijk onderhevig aan mutatie en transformatie. Heel wat hedendaagse kunstenaars onderzoeken de mogelijkheden en limieten van hun medium en experimenteren met kruisbestuivingen, upgrades en mutilatie van verschillende media. Anderen verkennen expliciet de ongekende ruimtes tussen bestaande media en gaan op zoek naar de hybride bestaansvormen die deze intermediale tussenruimtes bevolken. Deze aflevering van Theater Topics thematiseert het muteren en adapteren van media in de relatie met de podiumkunsten. Hoe zijn verschillende aspecten van theater geëvolueerd in het digitale tijdperk? Hoe pasten historische tradities zich aan aan nieuwe culturele contexten? Wat zijn deze mutanten precies, en wat is hun toegevoegde waarde? Op welke manieren gebeurt de remediatie van andere media in hedendaagse performances? Leidt de resulterende onzuiverheid uiteindelijk tot een desintegratie van wat we verstaan onder ‘theater’, of net tot een herwaardering?

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Theatre Between Performance and Installation
  • The Fourth Wall, or the Rift Between Citizenand Government
  • Using Recorded Images for Political Purposes
  • A Campsite for the Avant-Garde and a Churchin Cyberspace
  • Echoes from the Animist Past
  • Folding Mutants or Crumbling Hybrids?
  • Witness Protection?
  • The Work of Art in the Age of Its IntermedialReproduction
  • Rimini Protokoll’s Theatricalization of Reality
  • Digital Landscapes
  • The Productivity of the Prototype
  • The Theatre of Recorded Sound and Film
  • Doubled Bodies and Live Loops
  • Between Solitaire and a Basketball Game
  • Index of Subjects
  • Index of Names
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