Contemporary Culture

Contemporary Culture

By Judith Thissen
Book Description

Are the humanities still relevant in the twenty-first century? In the context of pervasive economic liberalism and shrinking budgets due to a deep and prolonged recession, the exigency of humanities research for society is increasingly put into question. This volume claims that the humanities do indeed matter by offering empirically-grounded critical reflections on contemporary cultural practices, thereby opening up new ways of understanding social life and new directions in humanities scholarship.

Zijn de geesteswetenschappen nog steeds relevant? In deze publicatie wordt betoogd dat de geesteswetenschappen hun betekenis voor de samenleving kunnen terugwinnen door het stellen van nieuwe vragen en door het komen met nieuwe antwoorden.

In de essays in dit boek wordt onderzocht hoe sinds de jaren negentig in elkaar grijpende processen van mediatisering, globalisering en commercialisering de culturele praktijk, sociaal gedrag en het gevoel van solidariteit hebben gevormd.

Table of Contents
  • ContemporaryCulture New Directions in Arts and Humanities Research
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Part i Media Cities
    • Chapter One Mediacity: On the Discontinuous Continuity of the Urban Public Sphere
    • Chapter Two Orkontros: Brazilian Migrants, Social Network Sites and the European City
    • Chapter Three Imagining the City: The Difference that Art Makes
    • Chapter Four Body Movies: The City as Interface
  • Part ii The Ludic Turn
    • Chapter Five Homo Ludens 2.0: Play, Media and Identity
    • Chapter Six Digital Cartographies as Playful Practices
    • Chapter Seven From Gengsi to Gaul: Mobile Media and Playful Identities
    • Chapter Eight Transformations in Perception and Participation: Digital Games
    • Chapter Nine Machinima: Moving on the Edge of Rules and Fiction
  • Part iii Thinking Analogue
    • Chapter Ten Sound Technologies and Cultural Practices: How Analogies Make us Listen to Transformations in Art and Culture
    • Chapter Eleven The Case of ccMixter: Credit-Giving within a Communal Online Remixing Practice
  • Part iv Hybrid Practices
    • Chapter Twelve On the Need for Cooperation between Art and Science
    • Chapter Thirteen Laboratory on the Move in Retrospect
    • Chapter Fourteen Embedded in the Dutch Art World
    • Chapter Fifteen Roots and the Production of Heritage
    • Chapter Sixteen How to Succeed in Art and Science: The Observatory Observed
  • Part v Looking Back, Looking Forward
  • Introduction
  • Interview with José van Dijck and Robert Zwijnenberg
  • About the Authors
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