Gender in Science and Technology

Gender in Science and Technology

By Waltraud Ernst
Book Description

What role does gender play in scientific research and the development of new technologies? This book provides methodological expertise, research experiences and empirical findings in the dynamic field of Science and Technology Studies. Topics range from the design of information and communication technologies, epistemologies of biology and history of chemistry to teaching mathematics and professional processes in engineering.

Was ist die Wirkungsweise von Geschlecht in naturwissenschaftlicher Forschung und der Entwicklung neuer Technologien? Das Buch präsentiert methodologische Expertise, Forschungserfahrungen und empirische Ergebnisse im dynamischen Feld der Naturwissenschafts- und Technologieforschung. Themen umfassen die Entwicklung von Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien, Erkenntnisprozesse in der Biologie und der Chemiegeschichte, Didaktik der Mathematik und Entwicklungen in den Ingenieurberufen.

Table of Contents
  • cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • A. Gender in the Design Processes of New Technologies
  • Gendering the Technological Imagination
  • Feminist Interventions in the Design Process
  • Searching for Methodology
  • Masks between the Visible and the Invisible
  • B. Gender in Epistemological Foundations of Science and Technology
  • Homunculus in the Hormones?
  • Motherhood and Scientific Innovation
  • Diffraction Patterns?
  • Gender Research as Knowledge Resource in Technology and Engineering
  • C. Reflecting Un/equal Conditions for Participation
  • Can Women Engineers be ‘Real Engineers’ and ‘Real Women’?
  • Similar But Different?
  • Gender Competence in Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Contributors
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