The Psychology of Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts
Mark Pettinelli
The Psychology of Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts

This book is online for free at CNX.ORG - This book makes the statement that thought, action and feeling can occur in any order, it also puts forth the idea that life is divided into three groups, emotion, thinking, and feeling. These three groups make humans feel in certain ways, thinking, physical stimulus, and emotion all contribute to feeling. But what is the difference between a thought, an emotion, and a feeling? Is there an overlap between the three? Probably, since any emotion can be broken down into the sensations and real events that caused it, and these events all lead to emotions, feelings and thoughts. So emotions, feelings and thoughts all might have the same source, they are just expressed differently in the mind. Where do your emotions, feelings and thoughts rate on a scale of clarity? Where do they rate on a scale of focus and attention? How does understanding the psychology of ones emotions, feelings and thoughts lead to a long term increased consciousness?

Chapter 4. Emotions and Feelings and How to Change Them
Chapter 22. Mental Representation and Cognitive Determinants of Emotion
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