Ksenia Anske
Literature & Fiction

"My mama became a catfish when I was two, on the day I stopped talking."

Neglected since birth by her mother, Irina Myshko hasn’t spoken a word for most of her short Soviet life. Outcast as a mute idiot and abused by her mother's boyfriends, she escapes into an alternate reality where true natures show and people are revealed as the beasts they are. Pregnant, homeless, and penniless, Irina has to make a choice — learn to live in this splintered world or descend into madness.

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Chapter 1. Mouse
Chapter 2. Turtle
Chapter 3. Parrots
Chapter 4. Jackal
Chapter 5. Horseflies
Chapter 6. Eaglet
Chapter 7. Macaw
Chapter 8. Walrus
Chapter 9. Boar
Chapter 10. Viper
Chapter 11. Eels
Chapter 12. Butterfly
Chapter 13. Donkeys
Chapter 14. Seal
Chapter 15. Fox
Chapter 16. Rat
Chapter 17. Owl
Chapter 18. Salamander
Chapter 19. Louse
Chapter 20. Cockroach
Chapter 21. Horse
Chapter 22. Ravens
Chapter 23. Cows
Chapter 24. Mosquitoes
Chapter 25. Spider
Chapter 26. Otter
Chapter 27. Catfish
Chapter 28. Vobla
Chapter 29. Eagle
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