Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

By G. R. Reader
Book Description

In September 2013, the Goodreads book reviewing site, which had previously operated a strict policy of free speech, began censoring reviews. The reviewers fought back, and the conflict was soon being reported in the mainstream media.

This is the story of what happened, told in the protesters' own words.

Table of Contents
  • How this book got written
  • Foreword to the second edition
  • Acknowledgements
  • I Background
    • A Review of ``A Short History of Everything''
      • In the Beginning
      • A Message from Gibson's Bookstore
  • II The deletions start
    • A Review of ``F*ck!''
      • By the Numbers: An Analysis of the Reviews Deleted in the Goodreads Policy Change
      • Why GR's New Review Rules Are Censorship
  • III Testing the limits
    • A Review of ``Mein Kampf''
      • A Review of ``Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung''
      • A Review of ``The Destruction of Dresden''
      • A Review of ``If I Did It''
      • A Review of ``253''
      • A Review of ``Logic: An Introduction''
      • A Review of ``Tampa''
      • A Philosophical Discussion
      • A Review of ``Editorial'' by its author
      • A Review of ``Martial Law''
      • A Review of ``The Master and Margarita''
      • A Review of ``Drive''
      • Personal, Political, Cultural: Parsing the Concept of Author Behavior in Goodreads Policy
  • IV Trying to be reasonable
    • Goodreads Get Real
      • A Review of ``That's Not What I Meant!''
  • V Revolt
    • A Review of ``Civil Disobedience''
      • The Hydra
      • A Hysteria of Hydras
      • A ToU-Compliant Hydra
      • An Excited YA Hydra
      • An Electronic Quotational Hydra
      • A Derridean Hydra
      • An Angry Hydra
      • G.R. McGoodreader: An Eyewitness Account
      • Wanted
  • VI The aftermath
    • A Review of ``Gazelle''
      • A Review of ``Moving for Dummies''
      • The Art of War: Corporate Takeover of User Rights
  • VII Goodbye letters
    • The Goodreads Censorship Rap
      • My 3100 Words on the Evils Of Censorship and the Wrongness of Breaking Trust
      • Convergence Culture
      • A Retelling of Goldilocks
      • Librarian on Strike
      • A Review of ``Christy''
      • A Review of ``1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die''
      • One Foot Out The Door
  • VIII But what is censorship?
    • What the Founding Fathers Might Have Said to Each Other About Censorship on Goodreads
      • A Review of ``Fair Play or Foul'' by its author
      • A Review of ``The Wonderful O''
      • Afterword
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