Swarmwise: The Tactical Manual to Changing the World

Swarmwise: The Tactical Manual to Changing the World

By Rick Falkvinge
Book Description

Somewhere today, a loose-knit group of activists who are having fun is dropkicking a rich, established organization so hard they are making heads spin. Rich and resourceful organizations are used to living by the golden rule — “those with the gold make the rules.” New ways of organizing go beyond just breaking the old rules into downright shredding them — leaving executives in the dust, wondering how that band of poor, ragtag, disorganized activists could possibly have beaten their rich, well-structured organization.

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Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • PART I: Building the Swarm
    • 1. Understanding the Swarm
      • The Swarm is Open...
      • ...and Transparent
      • So You Have a Provocative Idea?
    • 2. Launching Your Swarm
      • Surviving the Initial Impact
      • The Swarm's First Task
      • Dealing With Attention Junkies
    • 3. Getting Your Swarm Organized: Herding Cats
      • The Three Magic Group Sizes
      • Self-Organization
      • Org Charts and Organic Growth
      • Meetings as Heartbeats
      • Meetings Gone Overboard
      • A Culture of Leadership and Trust
    • 4. Control the Vision, but Never the Message
      • You Do the Vision, The Swarm Does the Talking
      • Help the Swarm Remix the Message
      • Take To The Streets
      • Scale Out, Out, Out
  • PART II: Leading the Swarm
    • 5. Keep Everybody's Eyes on Target, and Paint It Red Daily
      • Project Management and Self-Organization
      • Draw the Timeline for All to See
      • Setting Visible, Activating, and Inclusive Goals
      • Different Leadership Styles
    • 6. Screw Democracy, We're on a Mission From God
      • Meritocracy and the Law Of Two Feet
      • Empowering Like Crazy for Fun And Profit
      • Mistakes Allowed Here
      • The Magic of the Consensus Circle
      • Organizational Astronauts
      • Dividing Scarce Resources
      • Rewarding People
      • Tampering with the Goal of the Swarm
      • Meetings Revisited
      • Dealing with Mavericks
    • 7. Surviving Growth Unlike Anything the MBAs Have Seen
      • Broadcasting and Maintaining Values
      • Decentralized Leadership, Empty Boxes
      • Grow With Having Fun
      • Grinding, Grinding, Grinding
      • Maintain One Value Set, One Value Base
      • Seriously, One Power Base
  • PART III: Delivering with the Swarm
    • 8. Using Social Dynamics to their Full Potential
      • Social Links
      • Growing on the Edges
      • Heartbeat Messages
      • Understanding the Activation Ladder
      • Mobilizing Activists
      • Calls to Arms: Perception is Reality
      • More Ways to Trick Perception
      • Respecting Anonymity
      • Rewarding the Long Tail
      • Using Attention to Build a Community
    • 9. Managing Oldmedia
      • Owning Your Issue in Oldmedia
      • Media Breakthroughs
      • The Gandhi Scale is Accurate
      • Who Writes the Press Release?
      • Avatar Faces of the Swarm
      • Getting Face Time: Be Where Cameras Are
      • Scoring Those Op-Eds
      • Set Up a Press Center
    • 10. Beyond Success
      • The Day After Success
      • Going International
      • Don't Shoot For The Moon
      • Final Words
  • Appendices Etc.
    • Workshops and Keynotes
    • Acknowledgments
    • Index
  • About the Author (Back Cover)
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