Research Methods in Psychology: 2nd Canadian Edition

Research Methods in Psychology: 2nd Canadian Edition

By Paul C. Price
Book Description

 While Research Methods in Psychology is fairly traditional— making it easy for you to use with your existing courses — it also emphasizes a fundamental idea that is often lost on undergraduates: research methods are not a peripheral concern in our discipline; they are central. The overarching goal of this textbook is to present the basics of psychological research methods — focusing on the concepts and skills that are most widely shared within the discipline — emphasizing both their centrality to our field and their contribution to our understanding of human behavior. The book will include several features that will help accomplish this overarching goal.

Table of Contents
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Table Of Contents
  • About This Book
  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: The Science of Psychology
    • Understanding Science
    • Scientific Research in Psychology
    • Science and Common Sense
    • Science and Clinical Practice
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started in Research
    • Basic Concepts
    • Generating Good Research Questions
    • Reviewing the Research Literature
  • Chapter 3: Research Ethics
    • Moral Foundations of Ethical Research
    • From Moral Principles to Ethics Codes
    • Putting Ethics Into Practice
  • Chapter 4: Theory in Psychology
    • Phenomena and Theories
    • The Variety of Theories in Psychology
    • Using Theories in Psychological Research
  • Chapter 5: Psychological Measurement
    • Understanding Psychological Measurement
    • Reliability and Validity of Measurement
    • Practical Strategies for Psychological Measurement
  • Chapter 6: Experimental Research
    • Experiment Basics
    • Experimental Design
    • Conducting Experiments
  • Chapter 7: Nonexperimental Research
    • Overview of Nonexperimental Research
    • Correlational Research
    • Quasi-Experimental Research
    • Qualitative Research
  • Chapter 8: Complex Research Designs
    • Multiple Dependent Variables
    • Multiple Independent Variables
    • Complex Correlational Designs
  • Chapter 9: Survey Research
    • Overview of Survey Research
    • Constructing Survey Questionnaires
    • Conducting Surveys
  • Chapter 10: Single-Subject Research
    • Overview of Single-Subject Research
    • Single-Subject Research Designs
    • The Single-Subject Versus Group “Debate”
  • Chapter 11: Presenting Your Research
    • American Psychological Association (APA) Style
    • Writing a Research Report in American Psychological Association (APA) Style
    • Other Presentation Formats
  • Chapter 12: Descriptive Statistics
    • Describing Single Variables
    • Describing Statistical Relationships
    • Expressing Your Results
    • Conducting Your Analyses
  • Chapter 13: Inferential Statistics
    • Understanding Null Hypothesis Testing
    • Some Basic Null Hypothesis Tests
    • Additional Considerations
    • From the “Replicability Crisis” to Open Science Practices
  • Glossary
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