Short Stories by Texas Authors

Short Stories by Texas Authors

By Texas Authors
Book Description

There is nothing like reading a great short story or book and knowing that you have helped raise money for a literacy program.  With "Short Stories by Texas Authors", you have done just that.  All proceeds from the sale of the print version and from this campaign will help us to reach our goal of $25,000.  Children whose families may not have the money to purchase books, will receive books from Dear Texas, Inc.  In our first year, in 2015, we raised $5,000, we know we can do much more in 2016 and your help is greatly appreciated.  Education is the key to a strong community, and through our partnership with, we help make that a reality.

This is the first edition with 15 short stories with a wide range of genre's. Some from award winning authors.

Table of Contents
  • Short Stories by Texas Authors
  • Number One GI
  • Weather Breeder
  • The Dog
  • Window Pains
  • One Scoop, or Two?
  • The Chill
  • Mirror Mirror
  • I Miss It Every Day
  • Halloween Mousse
  • Black Star
  • Texas Voodoo
  • The Lady’s Profit
  • The Vaquero Way
  • Clownshoes
  • Grave Betrayal
  • Cool Penny
  • An Average Homeless Man?
  • Did He Have a Sister?
  • Amy McStern: Kid Detective
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