Carrier Wars

Carrier Wars

By Christopher G. Nuttall
Book Description

The USS George Washington and the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle were engaged in a joint mission when they were swept up by an unknown power and swept across the timelines to a different reality – where the American Revolution failed and the British Empire still exists…

But the Empire is at war with the other two powers, the French and the Russians.  Even as the crew of the George Washington attempt to adjust to the strange world that never held a United States of America, the French crew see an opportunity to strike a blow for France…by using their advanced ship to spearhead a powerful attack on the British Empire.  All of the sudden, the Americans have to decide which side they’re on…before a peaceful world is destroyed by modern war.

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Table of Contents
  • Carrier Wars
    • Carrier Wars Blurb
    • Dear Reader
  • Prologue
  • Chapter One: Transition
  • Chapter Two: Desperate Measures
  • Chapter Three: Where are we?
  • Chapter Four: Unidentified Flying Objects
  • Chapter Five: First Contact
  • Chapter Six: Vive La France
  • Chapter Seven: Making Choices
  • Chapter Eight: Paris Court
  • Chapter Nine: Fight for the Falklands
  • Chapter Ten: The Social Whirl
  • Chapter Eleven: The Emperor
  • Chapter Twelve: Home Away From Home
  • Chapter Thirteen: Do As You Would Be Done By
  • Chapter Fourteen: Home Front
  • Chapter Fifteen: Counterparts
  • Chapter Sixteen: All Different
  • Chapter Seventeen: Aliens of London
  • Chapter Eighteen: Reporting From America
  • Chapter Nineteen: Mr Jackson Goes to Amherst
  • Chapter Twenty: Playing Chess with Death
  • Chapter Twenty-Four: Suffragettes and Reporters for Jackson!
  • Chapter Twenty-Five: Mr O’Reilly Goes to Washington
  • Chapter Twenty-Six: Strike South
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven: Caribbean Crazy
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight: Cuban Adventures
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine: Desperate Times
  • Chapter Thirty: Russian Roulette
  • Chapter Thirty-One: The Watch on the Rhine
  • Chapter Thirty-Two: Peace in Our Time?
  • Chapter Thirty-Three: Why Doth Treachery Never Prosper?
  • Chapter Thirty-Four: None Dare Call It Treason
  • Chapter Thirty-Five: Turning Points
  • Chapter Thirty-Six: Peace at a Cost
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven: Degrade and Diminish
  • Chapter Thirty-Eight: Sealion
  • Chapter Thirty-Nine: Hold the Line!
  • Chapter Forty: The Road to London
  • Chapter Forty-One: The Battle of London
  • Chapter Forty-Two: Thrust and Parry
  • Chapter Forty-Three: Clash of the Giants
  • Chapter Forty-Four: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Chapter Forty-Five: The Empire Kicks Arse
  • Chapter Forty-Six: Royal Prerogative
  • Chapter Forty-Seven: The Changing of the Guard
  • Chapter Forty-Eight: Blessed be the Peacemakers
  • Chapter Forty-Nine: Wedding Nights
  • Epilogue
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