Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None

By Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • First Part. Zarathustra’s Discourses.
  • Zarathustra’s Prologue.
  • Zarathustra’s Discourses.
  • I. The Three Metamorphoses.
  • II. The Academic Chairs of Virtue.
  • III. Backworldsmen.
  • IV. The Despisers of the Body.
  • V. Joys and Passions.
  • VI. The Pale Criminal.
  • VII. Reading and Writing.
  • VIII. Tree on The Hill.
  • IX. The Preachers of Death.
  • X. War and Warriors.
  • XI. The New Idol.
  • XII. The Flies in The Market-Place.
  • XIII. Chastity.
  • XIV. The Friend.
  • XV. The Thousand And One Goals.
  • XVI. Neighbour-Love.
  • XVII. The Way of The Creating One.
  • XVIII. Old and Young Women.
  • XIX. The Bite of the Adder.
  • XX. Child and Marriage.
  • XXI. Voluntary Death.
  • XXII. The Bestowing Virtue.
  • Thus Spake Zarathustra. Second Part.
  • XXIII. The Child With The Mirror.
  • XXIV. In The Happy Isles.
  • XXV. The Pitiful.
  • XXVI. The Priests.
  • XXVII. The Virtuous.
  • XXVIII. The Rabble.
  • XXIX. The Tarantulas.
  • XXX. The Famous Wise Ones.
  • XXXI. The Night-Song.
  • XXXII. The Dance-Song.
  • XXXIII. The Grave-Song.
  • XXXIV. Self-Surpassing.
  • XXXV. The Sublime Ones.
  • XXXVI. The Land of Culture.
  • XXXVII. Immaculate Perception.
  • XXXVIII. Scholars.
  • XXXIX. Poets.
  • XL. Great Events.
  • XLI. The Soothsayer.
  • XLII. Redemption.
  • XLIII. Manly Prudence.
  • XLIV. The Stillest Hour.
  • Third Part.
  • XLV. The Wanderer.
  • XLVI. The Vision and the Enigma.
  • XLVII. Involuntary Bliss.
  • XLVIII. Before Sunrise.
  • XLIX. The Bedwarfing Virtue.
  • L. On the Olive-Mount.
  • LI. On Passing-by.
  • LII. The Apostates.
  • LIV. The Three Evil Things.
  • LV. The Spirit of Gravity.
  • LVI. Old and New Tables.
  • LVII. The Convalescent.
  • LVIII. The Great Longing.
  • LIX. The Second Dance-Song.
  • LX. The Seven Seals.
  • Fourth and Last Part.
  • LXI. The Honey Sacrifice.
  • LXII. The Cry of Distress.
  • LXIII. Talk With The Kings.
  • LXIV. The Leech.
  • LXV. Thw Magician.
  • LXVI. Out of Service.
  • LXVII. The Ugliest Man.
  • LXVIII. The Voluntary Beggar.
  • LXIX. The Shadow.
  • LXX. Noontide.
  • LXXI. The Greetings.
  • LXXII. The Supper.
  • LXXIII. The Higher Man.
  • LXXIV. The Song of Melancholy.
  • LXXV. Science.
  • LXXVI. Among Daughters of The Desert.
  • LXXVII. The Awakening.
  • LXXVIII. The Ass-Festival.
  • LXXIX. The Drunken Song.
  • LXXX. The Sign.
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