Linux Inside

Linux Inside

Book Description

A book-in-progress about the linux kernel and its insides.

The goal is simple - to share my modest knowledge about the insides of the linux kernel and help people who are interested in linux kernel insides, and other low-level subject matter. - @0xAX

Read online at Gitbooks.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Booting
    • From bootloader to kernel
    • First steps in the kernel setup code
    • Video mode initialization and transition to protected mode
    • Transition to 64-bit mode
    • Kernel decompression
  • Initialization
    • First steps in the kernel
    • Early interrupts handler
    • Last preparations before the kernel entry point
    • Kernel entry point
    • Continue architecture-specific boot-time initializations
    • Architecture-specific initializations, again...
    • End of the architecture-specific initializations, almost...
    • Scheduler initialization
    • RCU initialization
    • End of initialization
  • Interrupts
    • Introduction
    • Start to dive into interrupts
    • Interrupt handlers
    • Initialization of non-early interrupt gates
    • Implementation of some exception handlers
    • Handling Non-Maskable interrupts
    • Dive into external hardware interrupts
    • Initialization of external hardware interrupts structures
    • Softirq, Tasklets and Workqueues
    • Last part
  • System calls
    • Introduction to system calls
    • How the Linux kernel handles a system call
    • vsyscall and vDSO
    • How the Linux kernel runs a program
  • Timers and time management
    • Introduction
    • Clocksource framework
    • The tick broadcast framework and dyntick
    • Introduction to timers
    • Clockevents framework
    • x86 related clock sources
    • Time related system calls
  • Synchronization primitives
    • Introduction to spinlocks
  • Memory management
    • Memblock
    • Fixmaps and ioremap
  • Concepts
    • Per-CPU variables
    • Cpumasks
    • The initcall mechanism
  • Data Structures in the Linux Kernel
    • Doubly linked list
    • Radix tree
    • Bit arrays
  • Theory
    • Paging
    • Elf64
  • Misc
    • How the kernel is compiled
    • Linkers
    • Linux kernel development
  • Useful links
  • Contributors
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