Hodder Education
Caribbean Primary Mathematics Book 4 6th edition
Karen Morrison
Caribbean Primary Mathematics Book 4 6th edition
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Make teaching and learning mathematics relevant and enjoyable with the best-known Primary mathematics series in the Caribbean updated and revised for the 21st Century by practising teachers, with a new focus on self-directed learning, problem -solving and raising standards.

- Ensure all requirements of primary schools in all Caribbean territories from kindergarten to primary school exit examination level are covered.
- Engage students and make maths more relevant with real-life situations used throughout the book, including the front cover, showing Mathematics in action.
- Reinforce knowledge and encourage progression with Assessment Bank, available separately to compliment the topics covered in this series.
- Encourage students to understand and build their own learning with all key skills and concepts clearly introduced in sequence, demonstrating links between mathematical strands and other curriculum subjects.

Book title
How to use this book
Topic 1 Getting ready
Topic 2 Number sense (1)
A: Counting and place value
B: Compare and order numbers
C: Rounding and estimating
Topic 2 Review
Topic 3 Computation (1)
A: Number facts
B: Mental strategies
C: Addition
D: Subtraction
Topic 3 Review
Topic 4 Shape and space (1)
A: Points, lines and angles
B: Classifying shapes
C: More about triangles and quadrilaterals
D: Circles
Topic 4 Review
Topic 5 Number sense (2)
A: Factors and multiples
B: Common factors and multiples
C: Different types of numbers
Topic 5 Review
Topic 6 Computation (2)
A: Number facts
B: Multiplication
C: Division
D: Order of operations
Topic 6 Review
Test yourself (1)
Topic 7 Measurement (1)
A: Length
B: Mass
C: Capacity
D: Scale drawings
Topic 7 Review
Topic 8 Data handling (1)
A: Collecting and organising data
B: Collect and organise your own data
C: Averages – the mean
Topic 8 Review
Topic 9 Number sense (3)
A: Revisiting fractions
B: Mixed numbers and improper fractions
C: More equivalent fractions
Topic 9 Review
Topic 10 Algebraic thinking
A: Describing patterns
B: Investigating patterns and rules
C: Number sentences
Topic 10 Review
Topic 11 Measurement (2)
A: Perimeter
B: Area
Topic 11 Review
Topic 12 Shape and space (2)
A: Naming 3-D shapes
B: Properties of 3-D shapes
C: Nets of 3-D shapes
Topic 12 Review
Test yourself (2)
Topic 13 Computation (3)
A: Adding fractions
B: Subtracting fractions
C: Multiplying whole numbers and fractions
D: Mixed problems with fractions
Topic 13 Review
Topic 14 Measurement (3)
A: Work with temperature
B: Work with time
C: Work with money
Topic 14 Review
Topic 15 Data handling (2)
A: Tables and graphs
B: Read and interpret graphs
C: Probability
Topic 15 Review
Topic 16 Shape and space (3)
A: Lines of symmetry
B: Drawing symmetrical shapes
Topic 16 Review
Test yourself (3)
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