Step by Step Book 4 Teacher's Guide

Step by Step Book 4 Teacher's Guide

By Gill Matthews
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Book Description

All you need to encourage a love and enthusiasm for reading and writing from a young age.

Benefit from the experience of key educators across the Caribbean regions who have carefully designed this resource to give your students exactly the right introduction to the Language Arts curriculum.

-Ensure a steady transition from Creole to Standard English with an introductory section on language acquisition in the Teacher Guides called Language Strategy.
-Cover technicality of grammar, vocabulary and syntax using picture cues and writing as well as reading and reading comprehension.
-Offer exposure to many different forms of text with a variety of different text types and genres.
-Connect reading and writing with templates, to make sure that students don't fall behind and progress evenly with both.

This book accompanies the Step by Step Student's Book 4, 9781510414181.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Book title
  • Copyright
  • Contents
  • Scope and sequence
  • Language strategy
  • Introduction
  • Using Level 4
  • Approaching work
    • 1 Myths
    • 2 Why earthquakes happen
    • 3 Disaster in Haiti
    • 4 Earthquake alert!
    • 5 An adventure story
  • Assessment 1
    • 6 Poetry
    • 7 An Anansi story
    • 8 Stories with issues
    • 9 Play scripts
    • 10 Performance poems
  • Assessment 2
    • 11 Pirates!
    • 12 Pirates of the Caribbean
    • 13 Pirates – true or false?
    • 14 Pirate poems
    • 15 So you want to be a pirate?
  • Assessment 3
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