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Caribbean Primary Science Book 3
Karen Morrison; Lorraine DeAllie; Sally Knowlman; Lisa Greenstein; Susan Crumpton
Caribbean Primary Science Book 3
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Open up the world of science to your students, enthusing and encouraging them to become focused, questioning and successful scientists, thinkers and problem-solvers.

Science and technology encompass some of the most important skills children need to master in the modern world. This series introduces and develops the building blocks of science study, ensuring student interest and academic progression continue hand-in-hand throughout the primary school and on into secondary education.

- new, appealing resource planned and designed to make each student feel and work like a scientist
- language controlled with vocabulary support for students, plus full support for non-specialist teachers
- features special projects and research projects to build skills towards the end of primary examinations
- focus on practical work, green technologies, environmental issues and science in daily life.

Book title
How to use this book
Topic 1 Being a scientist
Topic 2 Weather
A: Elements of weather
B: Wind
C: The water cycle
D: Temperature
Topic 2 Review
Topic 3 Earth’s resources
A: Natural resources
B: Soil and rocks
C: Air as a resource
D: Water as a resource
Topic 3 Review
Topic 4 The solar system
A: The solar system
Topic 4 Review
Topic 5 Plants
A: Parts of plants
B: Classifying plants
C: Growing new plants
D: Will it grow?
Topic 5 Review
Topic 6 Animals
A: Classifying animals
B: Body parts for moving, hiding and protection
C: Body parts for finding food and eating
Topic 6 Review
Topic 7 Ecosystems
A: Food webs
B: Ecosystems
C: Recycling and conservation
Topic 7 Review
Topic 8 Energy
A: Light and heat
B: Fuels and their uses
C: Energy transformations
Topic 8 Review
Topic 9 Forces, motion and structure
A: Pushing and pulling forces
B: Magnets
C: Structures
Topic 9 Review
Topic 10 Matter and materials
A: Physical properties of materials
B: Magnets
C: Physical changes
Topic 10 Review
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