Worldly Ways & Byways
Eliot Gregory
Worldly Ways & Byways
Worldly Ways and Byways, by Eliot Gregory
Worldly Ways & Byways
A Table of Contents
To the Reader
No. 1—Charm
No. 2—The Moth and the Star
No. 3—Contrasted Travelling
No. 4—The Outer and the Inner Woman
No. 5—On Some Gilded Misalliances
No. 6—The Complacency of Mediocrity
No. 7—The Discontent of Talent
No. 8—Slouch
No. 9—Social Suggestion
No. 10—Bohemia
No. 11—Social Exiles
No. 12—“Seven Ages” of Furniture
No. 13—Our Elite and Public Life
No. 14—The Small Summer Hotel
No. 15—A False Start
No. 16—A Holy Land
No. 17—Royalty At Play
No. 18—A Rock Ahead
No. 19—The Grand Prix
No. 20—“The Treadmill.”
No. 21—“Like Master Like Man.”
No. 22—An English Invasion of the Riviera
No. 23—A Common Weakness
No. 24—Changing Paris
No. 25—Contentment
No. 26—The Climber
No. 27—The Last of the Dandies
No. 28—A Nation on the Wing
No. 29—Husks
No. 30—The Faubourg of St. Germain
No. 31—Men’s Manners
No. 32—An Ideal Hostess
No. 33—The Introducer
No. 34—A Question and an Answer
No. 35—Living on your Friends
No. 36—American Society in Italy
No. 37—The Newport of the Past
No. 38—A Conquest of Europe
No. 39—A Race of Slaves
Chapter 40—Introspection [276]
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