The University of Hard Knocks

The University of Hard Knocks

By Ralph Albert Parlette
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • The University of Hard Knocks
    • by
    • Ralph Parlette
      • The School That Completes Our Education
      • Why It Is Printed
    • Contents
    • The University of Hard Knocks
      • Some Preliminary Remarks
      • Can Only Pull the Plug!
      • Did You Bring a Bucket?
      • What It's All About
      • To Everybody in My Audience
  • The University of Hard Knocks
    • Chapter I
      • The Books Are Bumps
      • The Need of the Bumps
      • The Two Colleges
      • Chapter II
      • The College of Needless Knocks The Bumps That We Bump Into
      • Teaching a Wilful Child
      • "Stop, Look, Listen"
      • Blind Man's Fine Sight
      • Are You Going Up or Down?
      • Bumping the Prodigals
      • Consider the Sticky Flypaper
      • "Removed" or "Knocked Out"?
      • Chapter III
      • The College of Needful Knocks The Bumps That Bump Into Us
      • The Sorrows of the Piano
      • The Sufferings of the Red Mud
      • Cripple Taught by Bumps
      • Schools of Sympathy
      • The Silver Lining
      • Chapter IV
      • "Shake The Barrel"
      • How We Decide Our Destinies
      • Shake to Their Places
      • Lectures in Cans
      • The Shaking Barrel of Life
      • Kings and Queens of Destiny
      • We Compel Promotion
      • "Good Luck" and "Bad Luck"
      • The "Lucky" One
      • The "Unlucky" One
      • Life's Barrel the Leveler
      • The Fatal Rattle!
      • We Must Get Ready to Get
      • The Menace of the Press-Notice
      • The Artificial Uplift
      • Fix the People, Not the Barrel
      • That Cruel Fate
      • Chapter V
      • Going Up
      • How We Become Great
      • "Getting to the Top"
      • The Secret of Greatness
      • The First Step at Hand
      • The Widow's Mites
      • Finding the Great People
      • A Glimpse of Gunsaulus
      • Give It Now
      • Chapter VI
      • The Problem of "Preparedness"
      • Preparing Children to Live
      • The Story of "Gussie"
      • Colleges Give Us Tools
      • The "Hard Knocks Graduates"
      • The Tragedy of Unpreparedness
      • Children, Learn This Early
      • Not Packhorse Work
      • "Helping" the Turkeys
      • Happiness in Our Work
      • Many Kinds of Drunkards
      • The Lure of the City
      • "Hep" and "Pep" for the Home Town
      • A School of Struggle
      • Men Needed More Than Millions
      • Chapter VII
      • The Salvation of a "Sucker"
      • The Fiddle and the Tuning
      • Reading and Knowing
      • "You Can't Get Something for Nothing"
      • I Bought the Soap
      • My "Fool Drawer"
      • Getting "Selected"
      • I Am Cured
      • Those Commencement Orations
      • My Maiden Sermon
      • You Must Live Your Song
      • The Success of a Song-Writer
      • Theory and Practice
      • Tuning the Strings of Life
      • Chapter VIII
      • Looking Backward
      • Memories of the Price We Pay
      • That "Last Day of School"
      • Calling the Class-Roll
      • The Boy I Had Envied
      • Why Ben Hur Won
      • Chapter IX
      • Go On South!
      • The Book in the Running Brook
      • Go On South and Grow Greater
      • The Plague of Incompetents
      • This Is Our Best Day
      • Birthdays and Headmarks
      • Bernhardt, Davis and Edison
      • Moses Begins at Eighty
      • The "Sob Squad"
      • Waiting till the "Second Table"
      • It's Better on South
      • Overcoming Obstacles Develops Power
      • Go on South From Principle
      • Reaching the Gulf
      • Go on South Forever!
      • Chapter X
      • Going Up Life's Mountain
      • The Defeats that are Victories
      • Go Up the Mountain
      • The Big Business of Life Turning work Into Play
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