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Oxford International Primary Computing: Student Book 2: Oxford International Primary Computing: Student Book 2
Alison Page, Karl Held, Diane Levine, Howard Lincoln
Oxford International Primary Computing: Student Book 2: Oxford International Primary Computing: Student Book 2
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A complete six-year primary computing course that takes a real-life, project-based approach to teaching young learners the vital computing skills they will need for the digital world. Each unit builds a series of skills towards the creation of a final project, with topics ranging from designing your own robot to programming simple games and designing and creating web pages.

Within each stage, key concepts are covered to give learners not only the skills they need to use technology effectively, but also the knowledge in how to do so creatively, safely and collaboratively:

· Understand how modern technology works
· Use a wide range of computer hardware and software for analytical and creative tasks
· Use the internet safely, respectfully, and selectively
· Write computer programs and develop computational thinking

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Title Page
1 The nature of technology: Our computers
1.1 Computers are electric
1.2 Output
1.3 Input
1.4 Joining devices together
1.5 How computers can help
1.6 When computers can’t help
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2 Digital Literacy: The secret restaurant
2.1 The internet
2.2 Search wisely
2.3 Download images
2.4 Choose websites
2.5 Stay safe
2.6 Information about you
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3 Computational thinking: Making a good plan
3.1 What actions to take
3.2 The right order
3.3 An algorithm is a plan
3.4 Algorithms and programs
3.5 Plan the Frog Hop Game
3.6 Run programs
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4 Programming: The Frog Hop Game
4.1 Choose a sprite
4.2 Command your sprite
4.3 A start event
4.4 Forever loop
4.5 Plan and make
4.6 Find and fix
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5 multimedia My hobbies
5.1 make a poster
5.2 Add a text box
5.3 Insert an image
5.4 Change the size of images
5.5 Add shapes
5.6 Complete a poster
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6 Numbers and data: Count wildlife
6.1 Spreadsheet labels and values
6.2 Adding up
6.3 Cell references and ranges
6.4 New labels and values
6.5 A new formula
6.6 Changing values
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