New Caribbean Junior Readers 4

New Caribbean Junior Readers 4

By Frances Mordecai; Gregory Gordon
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Book Description

Build on infant foundations to develop the reading and language skills needed by 7 to 11 year olds in Books 1-4, and consolidate and reinforce these skills with Book 5 for the final year of Primary School.

- Develop comprehension and critical thinking skills in students with extracts on environmental, technological and historical topics supporting an integrated approach to learning.
- Broaden students' understanding with a variety of extracts from the Caribbean and beyond including fiction, poetry and non-fiction.
- Provide guidance and get the most out of lessons with free teacher's notes available at

Table of Contents
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  • Contents
  • How the Birds Got Their Colours
  • An Artist from Long Ago
  • Digging up the Past (1) – Ancient Tools
  • Cotaban’s Challenge
  • Lament of an Arawak Child
  • Sea Turtles
  • Roland and the Turtle
  • Kate’s Parrot
  • The Brahmin, The Tiger and the Six Judges
  • Marcus Garvey – Educator and Thinker
  • The Poui Tree
  • Water Sense – Hurricanes and Flooding
  • Digging up the Past (2) – Maya “Weathermen” and their Calendar
  • Norbert Rillieux, Inventor
  • Mango-head and the Secret Garden Club
  • Hurricane
  • Sweet Peppers, Manure and Moonshine
  • The St Vincent Botanical Gardens
  • Leucaena – The Miracle Tree
  • The Wise King and the Little Bee
  • Angus Miller, Caterpillar
  • Anansi and his Family
  • Old-Time Tramcars in the Caribbean
  • Modern Methods of Sending Messages
  • Communicating with Pictures: Alfredo Codallo – Artist and Story-teller
  • Explorers of the Deep: History under the Sea
  • All about Earthquakes
  • The Priest of Port Royal who had a Fright!
  • How Nutmeg Came to Grenada
  • Teachers’ Notes
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