CAPE Communication Studies

CAPE Communication Studies

By Sonia Lee
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Book Description

Develop students' communication skills, confident in the knowledge that all syllabus requirements are being met with this unique book and accompanying website package.
- The organisation of the content allows students to move from the known to the unknown, facilitating a progressive approach to learning and ensuring key topics are built upon in each chapter
- A dedicated assessment section assists with both the Internal Assessment portfolio and exam preparation, providing invaluable and practical support for both students and teachers alike
- Exclusive online content is delivered in an engaging and interactive way to enable accessible revision of topics and to bring variety to learning with videos and quizzes
"Any student who is preparing for the CAPE Communication Studies exam will find this text an asset. I can confidently say that if students follow the guidance given in this book, they will be successful."
Winifred Ellis, Vice Principal of Saint Joseph High School, Guyana, and member of the subject panel for Communication Studies.
As of January 2015 this and other selected titles for Caribbean schools became part of Hodder Education.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Book title
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  • Contents
  • 1 Understanding communication
  • 2 The modes of writing
  • 3 Organising, preparing and writing for academic purposes
  • 4 Understanding language
  • 5 The social nature of language
  • 6 Language and technology
  • 7 Processes and contexts of communication
  • 8 Intercultural communication
  • 9 Oral communication
  • 10 Reflective writing
  • 11 External assessment
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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    • I
    • J
    • L
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