Learning Through Digital Media: Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy

Learning Through Digital Media: Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy

By R. Trebor Scholz (editor)
Book Description

The simple yet far-reaching ambition of this collection is to discover how to use digital media for learning on campus and off. It offers a rich selection of methodologies, social practices, and hands-on assignments by leading educators who acknowledge the opportunities created by the confluence of mobile technologies, the World Wide Web, film, video games, TV, comics, and software while also acknowledging recurring challenges.

Contributions by Shannon Mattern, Adriana Valdez Young, Alex Halavais, Tiffany Holmes, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Sol B. Gaitán, Mark Lipton, Matthew K. Gold, Vanalyne Green, Michael Mandiberg, Ulises A. Mejias, Jessica Irish, David Carroll, Jeffrey W. McClurken, Abigail De Kosnik, David Parry, Holly Willis, Jonah Bossewitch and Michael D. Preston, Elizabeth Losh, Colin Rhinesmith, Martin Lucas, Kevin Hamilton, D.E. Wittkower, Kenneth Rogers, Adam Hyde, Fred Stutzman, Patrick Lichty, Craig Dietrich with Jon Ippolito, Laura Forlano, Mark Sample, Elizabeth Ellsworth.

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Table of Contents
  • About This Publication
  • Contents
  • Introduction: Learning Through Digital Media
  • Delicious: Renovating the Mnemonic Architectures of Bookmarking
  • Follow, Heart, Reblog, Crush: Teaching Writing with Tumblr
  • Blogging Course Texts: Enhancing Our Traditional Use of Textual Materials
  • Socializing Blogs, a Guide for Beginners
  • When Teaching Becomes an Interaction Design Task: Networking the Classroom with Collaborative Blogs
  • Children of the Screen: Teaching Spanish with Commentpress
  • Facebook as a Functional Tool & Critical Resource
  • Beyond Friending: BuddyPress and the Social, Networked, Open-Source Classroom
  • An Argument for the Web in the Equally Messy Realities of Life, Democracy, and Teaching
  • Copy Your Homework: Free Culture and Fair Use with Wikimedia Commons
  • How I Used Wikis to Get my Students to Do their Readings
  • Google Wave: Pedagogical Success, Technological Failure?
  • Learning on Mobile Platforms
  • Mobile Learning Tools: A Teachable Moment in the Age of the App
  • Teaching and Learning with Omeka: Discomfort, Play, and Creating Public, Online, Digital Collections
  • Teaching with Google Docs, or, How to Teach in a Digital Media Lab without Losing Students’ Attention
  • Using Twitter—But Not in the Classroom
  • Voice, Performance and Transience: Learning Through Seesmic
  • Teaching and Learning with Video Annotations
  • YouTube Pedagogy: Finding Communities of Practice in a Distributed Learning World
  • Community Media in the Digital Age
  • The Virtual Cutting Room
  • Learning with Handbrake: A Ripping Story
  • Mind-Mapping Inside and Outside of the Classroom
  • Crowdmapping the Classroom with Ushahidi
  • Book Sprints and Booki: Re-Imagining How Textbooks are Produced
  • Productivity in the Age of Social Media: Freedom and Anti-Social
  • Would You Like to Teach my Avatar?: Learning in Second Life
  • Media Production with Arduino
  • A Path towards Global Reach: The Pool
  • Ethnographic Research and Digital Media
  • Sharing Research and Building Knowledge through Zotero
  • The Wicked Problem of Pedagogy, An Afterword
  • A Digital Learning Tool Kit
  • Acknowledgements
  • Praise for Learning Through Digital Media
  • Advisory Board: The Politics of Digital Culture Book Series
  • Biographies
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