The Christian Year

The Christian Year

By Henry Morley (editor)
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Table of Contents
    • Morning.
    • Evening.
    • Advent Sunday.
    • Second Sunday in Advent.
    • Third Sunday in Advent.
    • Fourth Sunday in Advent.
    • Christmas Day.
    • St. Stephen’s Day.
    • St. John’s Day.
    • The Holy Innocents.
    • First Sunday after Christmas.
    • The Circumcision of Christ.
    • Second Sunday after Christmas.
    • The Epiphany.
    • First Sunday after Epiphany.
    • Second Sunday after Epiphany.
    • Third Sunday after Epiphany.
    • Fourth Sunday after Epiphany.
    • Fifth Sunday after Epiphany.
    • Sixth Sunday after Epiphany.
    • Septuagesima Sunday.
    • Sexagesima Sunday.
    • Quinquagesima Sunday.
    • Ash Wednesday.
    • First Sunday in Lent.
    • Second Sunday in Lent.
    • Third Sunday in Lent.
    • Fourth Sunday in Lent.
    • Fifth Sunday in Lent.
    • Palm Sunday.
    • Monday before Easter.
    • Tuesday before Easter.
    • Wednesday before Easter.
    • Thursday before Easter.
    • Good Friday.
    • Easter Eve.
    • Easter Day.
    • Monday in Easter Week.
    • Tuesday in Easter Week.
    • First Sunday after Easter.
    • Second Sunday after Easter.
    • Third Sunday after Easter.
    • Fourth Sunday after Easter.
    • Fifth Sunday After Easter. ROGATION SUNDAY.
    • Ascension Day.
    • Sunday after Ascension.
    • Whitsunday.
    • Monday in Whitsun-week.
    • Tuesday in Whitsun-week.
    • Trinity Sunday.
    • First Sunday after Trinity.
    • Second Sunday after Trinity.
    • Third Sunday after Trinity.
    • Fourth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Fifth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Sixth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Seventh Sunday after Trinity.
    • Eight Sunday after Trinity.
    • Ninth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Tenth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Eleventh Sunday after Trinity.
    • Twelfth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Twentieth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity.
    • Twenty-Second Sunday after Trinity.
    • Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity.
    • Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity.
    • Sunday next before Advent.
    • St. Andrew’s Day
    • St. Thomas’ Day.
    • The Conversion of St. Paul.
    • The Purification.
    • St. Matthias’ Day.
    • The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    • St. Mark’s Day.
    • St. Philip and St. James.
    • St. Barnabas.
    • St. John Baptist’s Day.
    • St. Peter’s Day.
    • St. James’s Day.
    • St. Bartholomew.
    • St. Matthew.
    • St. Michael and All Angels.
    • St. Luke.
    • St. Simon and St. Jude.
    • All Saints’ Day.
    • Holy Communion.
    • Holy Baptism.
    • Catechism.
    • Confirmation.
    • Matrimony.
    • Visitation and Communion of the Sick.
    • Burial of the Dead.
    • Churching of Women.
    • Commination.
    • Forms of Prayer to be used at Sea.
    • Gunpowder Treason.
    • King Charles the Martyr.
    • The Restoration of the Royal Family.
    • The Accession.
    • Ordination.
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