California, 1849-1913; Or, The Rambling Sketches and Experiences of Sixty-four Years' Residence in that State

California, 1849-1913; Or, The Rambling Sketches and Experiences of Sixty-four Years' Residence in that State

By L. H. (Lell Hawley) Woolley
Book Description

Lell Hawley Woolley (b. 1825) left the Green Mountains of Vermont to cross the plains in a mule train to California in 1849. There he tried gold mining in Weaverville and Beal's Bar and hotelkeeping in Grass Valley before his marriage and the responsibilities of a home and family took him to San Francisco. There he went into business and was active in the Vigilance Committee of 1856. California, 1849-1913 (1913) offers anecdotes of these adventures as well as brief notes on San Francisco personalities and business life in the 1850s and 1860s, with some references to later decades.

Table of Contents
  • California
    • 1849-1913
      • or
      • The Rambling Sketches and Experiences of Sixty-four Years' Residence in that State
      • By
    • L. H. Woolley
      • Member of the Society of California Pioneers and of the Vigilance Committee of 1856
  • California
    • 1849-1913
      • Trip Across the Plains.
      • Arrival In California.
      • Life In the Mines.
      • Home Again. Married. Return to California.
      • Vigilance Committee of 1865.
      • Shooting of Gen. Richardson.
      • Shooting of James King, of William.
      • Casey and Cora Turned Over to Vigilance Committee.
      • Fort Gunnybags.
      • Death of James King, of William.
      • Trial of Casey and Cora.
      • Hanging of Casey and Cora.
      • Yankee Sullivan.
      • "Law and Order" Party.
      • Terry and Hopkins Affair.
      • Duel Between Terry and Broderick.
      • Terry and Field, Shooting of Terry.
      • Hetherington and Randall.
      • Hanging of Hetherington and Brace.
      • Ballot Box Stuffing.
      • Billy Mulligan.
      • Black List.
      • "Fort Gunnybags" 1903.
      • Closing Chapter of Vigilance Committee.
      • Vigilance Committee Work In 1849, '50 and '51.
      • San Francisco In 1847.
      • John A. Sutter.
      • "The Plaza."
      • Early Realty Values.
      • A Deal In "Slugs."
      • Harry Meiggs.
      • San Francisco's First Town Clock.
      • Admission Day Flag.
      • Mr. Thomas Connell.
      • Uncle Phil Roach, Happy Valley.
      • Early Water Supply.
      • Postoffice.
      • John Parrott.
      • Pony Express.
      • A Venture In Flour.
      • A Venture In Oil.
      • Flood of '61 and '62.
      • Civil War Times In S. F.
      • President Lincoln and Gen. Vallejo.
      • Off to the Nevada Mines.
      • Martin J. Burke.
      • The Donahue Brothers.
      • The Take of A Young Bull.
      • Admission Day 1875.
      • On an S. P. Pay-Car.
      • Employ of the Southern Pacific.
      • Sloat Monument.
      • Nob Hill.
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