A Day in Old Athens; a Picture of Athenian Life

A Day in Old Athens; a Picture of Athenian Life

By William Stearns Davis
Book Description

A hypothetical tour of the private and public features of Athens during its political and cultural apex circa 360 B.C.

Table of Contents
  • W. S. D.
    • Chapter I. The Physical Setting of Athens.
  • Chapter II. The First Sights in Athens.
  • Chapter III. The Agora and its Denizens.
  • Chapter IV. The Athenian House and its Furnishings.
  • Chapter V. The Women of Athens.
  • Chapter VI. Athenian Costume.
  • Chapter VII. The Slaves.
  • Chapter VIII. The Children.
  • Chapter IX. The Schoolboys of Athens.
  • Chapter X. The Physicians of Athens.
  • Chapter XI. The Funerals.
  • Chapter XII. Trade, Manufactures, and Banking.
  • Chapter XIII. The Armed Forces of Athens.
  • Chapter XIV. The Peiræus and the Shipping.
  • Chapter XV. An Athenian Court Trial.
  • Chapter XVI. The Ecclesia of Athens.
  • Chapter XVII. The Afternoon at the Gymnasia.
  • Chapter XVIII. Athenian Cookery and the Symposium.
  • Chapter XIX. Country Life Around Athens
  • Chapter XX. The Temples and Gods of Athens.
  • Chapter XXI. The Great Festivals of Athens.
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