Austin Mitchell
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Going Into the Hills to Teach
Short Summary of these Stories:
After he stole the bank’s vault, Dex became a serial killer. Read more in the Money Vault.
Will Miss Della regret accommodating her younger brother and his son for one night? Read more in Miss Della’s Radio.
Gamblers get get into the habit of being poor losers. Read more in the Robber Gamblers.
Contractor fails to turn up to honor his contractual obligations. Read more in the Fraudulent Contractor.
Will Cora be tricked out of her hard earned possessions for a third time? Reade more in Three times a Loser.
Several of her former baby fathers have heard of Raquel’s good fotune in winning a lot of money at the race track. They want to get a share of it, but will she let them? Read the full story in If you win big Don’t Lose It.
Jeannie has put herself in so much debts to help her on again off again boyfriend, Jake. Now she is looking for more money to bail him out of his latest indiscretion. Read the full story in The Absconding Boyfriend.
Did Westin lend out the company’s motorcycle to his friends to go on a robbery spree or was I too suspicious? Read more in The False Bike Messenger.
What did Wilson Chung do to Mendy why he broke out of prison in order to seek his revenge? Read the full story in The Night Burglar.
Why didn’t the party want Miss Lurlene to represent them in the local polls and instead went for Simmo? Read more in Simmo, the Politician.
Why did Dukey steal the marijuana out of the police jeep in the station yard? Did he think he could have gotten away with it? Read the full story in The Marijuana Thief.
Why did Marline send the telegram to her baby father? Read the full story in The False Telegram.
A group of youths try to trick a master gambler out of his winnings. See if they succeeded in The Cheating Gamblers.
Harden was a brilliant teacher, but something wasn’t right about him. Read more in Children Traffickers.
Sophia isn’t sure who killed her second baby father. Her first baby father was caught on the scene of the murder with a gun. He is now spending time in prison for possessing an illegal firearm. She isn’t sure if her present baby father was involved in the murder as she has been getting several notes fro a mysterious person. Read more in A Dying Quest.

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