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Taking a Shortcut Home
Short Summary of Stories:
After many years of not seeing each other, two friends hardly have time to get reacquainted, before one of them is caught up in an ugly incident. Read the full story in The Incident at Mc Alpine Street.
Caston didn’t want any trouble, but bully boy, Keswick, wouldn’t let him be. Read all about Caston’s reaction to his taunts in The Stabbing Incident.
When Carlene’s dead body was found in a dry river bed, suspicions immediately fell on her boyfriend, Denzil Barned. He was the one who had found her body. Ambitious young Sergeant, Peter Brown, is out to gain more stripes by pinning the murder on him. Read the full story in The Body in the River.
How did Pearline and her associates get away with running an illegal Cash Pot operation for so long? Read the full story in Instant Cash.
Before he went to America, Pablo used to be bullied by the other village boys. Read about what happened when he returned from America in The Pablo Morris Story.
Berris got his teenaged girlfriend, Dawnette pregnant and had to flee the wrath of her alcoholic father, Cardoza. Read the full story in The Running Away Man.
Did Duckie do all the things they were accusing him of doing? How come he was in Jamaica and not doing time in some American prison? Read the full story in I Attended a Dead Man’s Wedding.
How did Villie manage to convince us that he was the caretaker of old man, Harris Pattison’s abandoned property? Read the full story in The Captured House.
Why was Circle Denny so convinced that he had won thousands of dollars on the horses? Why did he leave his job so suddenly? Read the full story in Winning Big at the Races.
Chloe and Dennis were feuding colleagues. Read about what happened to them after they both migrated to the United States in A Surprise Love.
Astley had to borrow his fare to go to rural Jamaica. Read about his transformation in The Millionaire Returns.
Nothing is going right for Syd. To complicate matters, his friend, Cal visits him with the news that his former friend now his enemy, Junjo, is now a millionaire. He gives him other news, that makes him shake his head in disbelief and regrets having taken his former girlfriend’s advice. Read the full story in The Young Shoplifters 2.
After his latest baby mother left him Watchie felt that this was the end for him. Read the full story in The Big Drop.
Desroy followed his new friends out to the village square and then disappeared. Read about what happened to him in A Disappearing Desroy.
Schoolboy flees from a group of men and other students intent on punishing him for wounding their friend/relative. Read the full story in Run, Freddie, Run.

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