3D City Models and Urban Information

3D City Models and Urban Information

By R. Billen
Book Description

3D City Models and urban information: Current issues and perspectivesEuropean COST Action TU0801R. Billen, A.-F. Cutting-Decelle, O. Marina, J.-P. de Almeida, Caglioni M., G. Falquet, T. Leduc, C. Métral, G. Moreau, J. Perret, G. Rabin, R. San Jose, I. Yatskiv and S. ZlatanovaConsidering sustainable development of cities implies investigating cities in a holistic way taking into account many interrelations between various urban or environmental issues. 3D city models are increasingly used in different cities and countries for an intended wide range of applications beyond mere visualization. Could these 3D City models be used to integrate urban and environmental knowledge? How could they be improved to fulfill such role? We believe that enriching the semantics of current 3D city models, would extend their functionality and usability; therefore, they could serve as integration platforms of the knowledge related to urban and environmental issues allowing a huge and significant improvement of city sustainable management and development. But which elements need to be added to 3D city models? What are the most efficient ways to realize such improvement / enrichment? How to evaluate the usability of these improved 3D city models?These were the questions tackled by the COST Action TU0801 “Semantic enrichment of 3D city models for sustainable urban development”. This book gathers various materials developed all along the four year of the Action and the significant breakthroughs.

Table of Contents
  • Authors
  • Foreword
  • Table of content
  • Chapter 1. Introduction
    • 1.1. Context
    • 1.2. Presentation of the action
    • 1.3. Objectives and structure of the report
  • Chapter 2. State-of-the-art
    • 2.1. Definitions
    • 2.2. Building 3D city models
    • 2.3. Usage and utility of enriched 3D city models
    • 2.4. Methods for enriching 3D city models
    • 2.5. Visualisation and user interaction
  • Chapter 3. Action’s outputs
    • 3.1. Structure and action’s organisation
    • 3.2. Scientific production
    • 3.3. Breakthroughs and prespectives
  • Chapter 4. Human aspects and perspectives
    • 4.1. Further thoughts on the use of 3D city models
    • 4.2. Towards a new paradigm for urban models
    • 4.3. City modelling in education, or education to 3D city modelling?
  • Chapter 5. Conclusions
    • 5.1. Action’s context and objectives
    • 5.2. Action’s report
    • 5.3. Action’s evaluation
    • 5.4. As a matter of perspectives…
  • References
  • Annex 1. List of members
  • Annex 2. WG’s questionnaires
  • Annex 3. List of publications the COST-workshop “3D issues for transport system”
  • Annex 4. List of publications the COST book “3D issues in urban and environmental systems”
  • Annex 5. List of publications of the book usage ,usability, and utility of 3D city models
  • Annex 6. Final round table mind map
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