Art Unlimited?

Art Unlimited?

By Franz Schultheis
Book Description

Until recently still a blank spot on the world map of art, China today occupies one of the top positions in the rankings of the global art market and has moved into the center of the speculations and the covetousness of its protagonists. But what is really happening on the spot, beyond the ethnocentric distortions of the Western viewpoint? What social representations and uses of art can be identified? A research team from the University of St. Gallen has taken up such questions in an ethnographical field research project which enables the actors in this emergent and nonetheless already market-dominated art field to have their say.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction: Art unlimited? The globalization of the art world and its limits
  • Prospective territorial occupations. Western perspectives on a “terra incognita” of the art world
  • Voices from an emerging art field
    • Ming Ming
    • Karen Smith
    • William Lim
    • Fabio Rossi
    • Meg Maggio
    • Alan Lo
    • Arthur Solway
    • Robin Peckham
    • Leung Chi Wo
    • Cedric Pinto
    • Nick Simunovic
    • Jonathan Stone
    • Colin Chinnery
    • Gu Ling
    • Tobias Berger
    • Ferdie Ju
  • The Olympics of art in distant realms. The view of the gallerists on the Art Basel in Hong Kong
  • Contemporary art and its Eastern public
  • A world turned upside down. The birth of an art field under the aegis of the (global) art market
  • Appendix
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