Breaking Down the State: Protestors Engaged

Breaking Down the State: Protestors Engaged

By Jan Willem Duyvendak
Book Description

In this important book, Jan Willem Duyvendak and James M. Jasper bring together an internationally acclaimed group of contributors to demonstrate the complexities of the social and political spheres in various areas of public policy. By breaking down the state into the players who really make decisions and pursue coherent strategies, these essays provide new perspectives on the interactions between political protestors and the many parts of the state—from courts, political parties, and legislators to police, armies, and intelligence services. By analyzing politics as the interplay of various players within structured arenas, Breaking Down the State provides an innovative look at law and order versus opposition movements in countries across the globe.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Contents
    • Introduction
      • Players and Arenas Formerly Known as the State
        • James M. Jasper
    • Part 1 – The Rules of Law
      • 1 The Courts
        • Criminal Trials as Strategic Arenas
          • Brian Doherty and Graeme Hayes
      • 2 Political Parties and Legislators
        • A Latin American Perspective
          • Hélène Combes
      • 3 Political Parties and Legislators
        • An American Perspective
          • Katherine Krimmel
      • 4 Contentious Governance
        • Local Governmental Players as Social Movement Actors
          • Imrat Verhoeven and Christian Broer
    • Part 2 – The Forces of Order
      • 5 The Police
        • Donatella della Porta and Kıvanç Atak
      • 6 The Military
        • The Mutual Determination of Strategy in Ireland, 1912-1921
          • Ian Roxborough
      • 7 Infiltrators
        • David Cunningham and Roberto Soto-Carri0n
      • 8 Liberal Violence
        • Strategies of Repression in Transitional Regimes
          • Vince Boudreau
    • Part 3 – International Arenas
      • 9 The United Nations
        • Gay versus Anti-Gay Players in Transnational Contention
          • Clifford Bob
      • Conclusion
        • Simplicity vs. Complexity in the Analysis of Social Movements
          • Jack A. Goldstone
    • Contributors
    • Index
  • List of Figures and Tables
    • Figure 3.1 – Percentage of Bills Introduced in the US House Reported from Committee and Passed
    • Figure C1 – Tilly’s Polity Model, Static Version
    • Figure C2 – A More Complex View of Fields of Action for Social Movements
    • Table 2.1 – The Non-Partisan Engagements of National, Regional, and Local Leaders of the PRD between 1968 and 1997
    • Table 2.2 – Arenas and the Resource Transfers of Multi-Positioned Players
    • Table 5.1 – Styles of Policing, or “Interaction”
    • Table 5.2 – Protest Policing Strategies
    • Table 8.1 – Domination vs. Contestation
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