Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money

Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money

By M. Crevel van
Book Description

Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money is a groundbreaking study covering a range of contemporary authors and issues, from Haizi to Yin Lichuan and from poetic rhythm to exile-bashing. Its rigorous scholarship, literary sensitivity and lively style make it eminently fit for classroom use.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
    • Preface
    • Acknowledgments
    • Conventions
    • List of illustrations
  • Chapter One
    • Avant-garde Poetry from China: text, context and metatext
      • 1. What Went Before
      • 2. The Unofficial Poetry Scene and the Avant-Garde
      • 3. Context: Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money
      • 4. Text: From Elevated to Earthly and from What to How
      • 5. Metatext: Images of Poetry and Poethood
      • 6. The Case Studies, and What This Book Wants to Do
  • Chapter Two
    • True Disbelief: Han Dong
      • 1. The Rejection of Obscure Poetry
      • 2. An Original Poetics
  • Chapter Three
    • Thanatography and the Poetic Voice: Haizi
      • 1. Thanatography
      • 2. The Poetic Voice
  • Chapter Four
    • Exile: Yang Lian, Wang Jiaxin and Bei Dao
      • 1. Poets in Exile
      • 2. Exile in Poetry
  • Chapter Five
    • Mind over Matter, Matter over Mind: Xi Chuan
      • 1. Spirituality versus Materialism and the Barbarians
      • 2. A Different Voice: Poetry Rising, Poets Falling
      • 3. Words Capturing Images, Images Capturing Words
  • Chapter Six
    • Fringe Poetry, but not Prose: Xi Chuan and Yu Jian
      • 1. A Wonderful Inadequacy of Definitions
      • 2. «Salute» and «File 0»: Poetry or Prose?
      • 3. Fringe Poetry
  • Chapter Seven
    • Objectification and the Long-short Line: Yu Jian
      • 1. Objectification and Subjectification
      • 2. Long Lines and Blanks
  • Chapter Eight
    • Narrative Rhythm, Sound and Sense: Sun Wenbo
      • 1. Content Bias
      • 2. «The Program»: Content and Plot
      • 3. «The Program»: Form
      • 4. Narrativity and Its Context
  • Chapter Nine
    • The Lower Body: Yin Lichuan and Shen Haobo
      • 1. Lower Body Poetry
      • 2. A Poetic Lineage
  • Chapter Ten
    • Not at Face Value: Xi Chuan’s Explicit Poetics
      • 1. Explanations, Issues and Alchemy
      • 2. A Bigger Picture
  • Chapter Eleven
    • Desecrations? Han Dong’s and Yu Jian’s Explicit Poetics
      • 1. Poethood According to Han Dong and Yu Jian
      • 2. Metatextual Styles
  • Chapter Twelve
    • What Was All the Fuss About? The Popular-Intellectual Polemic
      • 1. What Were the Issues?
      • Appendix: A Chronological Bibliography
  • Chapter Thirteen
    • More Than Writing, as We Speak: Yan Jun
      • 1. Three-Dimensional Performance
      • 2. Writing, Event Culture and Poetry Opening Up
    • Works Cited
    • Index and Glossary
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