The Dynastic Centre and the Provinces

The Dynastic Centre and the Provinces

By J. Duindam
Book Description

The dynastic centre and the provinces were linked by agents and ritual occasions. This book includes contributions by specialists examining these connections in late imperial China, early modern Europe, and the Ottoman empire, suggesting important revisions and an agenda for comparison. This title is available online in its entirety in Open Access

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Figures and Maps
  • Notes on Editors and Contributors
  • Introduction
  • Part One Agents
  • The Imperial Viceroy: Reflections on an Historical Type
  • Devolution from the Centre to the Periphery: An Overview of Ottoman Provincial Administration
  • Broken Passage to the Summit: Nayancheng’s Botched Mission in the White Lotus War
  • Routine Promotions: Li Hu and the Dusty Byways of Empire
  • Ceremonial Demarcations. The Viceregal Court as Space of Political Communication in the Spanish Monarchy (Valencia, Naples, and Mexico 1621–1635)
  • The Ambans of Tibet—Imperial Rule at the Inner Asian Periphery
  • Part Two Interactions
  • Remonstrating Against Royal Extravagance in Imperial China
  • ‘True and Historical Descriptions’? European Festivals and the Printed Record
  • Ceremonial Entries and the Confirmation of Urban Privileges in France, c. 1350–1550
  • ‘Willingly We Follow a Gentle Leader...’: Joyous Entries into Antwerp
  • Historical Narratives of the Kangxi Emperor’s Inaugural Visit to Suzhou, 1684
  • Towards a Comparative Understanding of Rulership: Discourses, Practices, Patterns
  • Index
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