Memory before Modernity

Memory before Modernity

By E. Kuijpers
Book Description

This volume examines the practice of memory in early modern Europe, showing that this was already a multimedia affair with many political uses, and affecting people at all levels of society; many pre-modern memory practices persist until today.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Contributors
  • List of Illustrations
  • Introduction. On the Early Modernity of Modern Memory
  • Part I Memory Politics and Memory Wars
  • 1. The Usable Past in the Lemberg Armenian Community’s Struggle for Equal Rights, 1578–1654
  • 2. A Contested Past. Memory Wars during the Twelve Years Truce (1609–21)
  • 3. ‘You Will See Who They Are that Revile, and Lessen Your . . . Glorious Deliverance’. The ‘Memory War’ about the ‘Glorious Revolution’
  • 4. Civic and Confessional Memory in Conflict. Augsburg in the Sixteenth Century
  • 5. Tales of a Peasant Revolt. Taboos and Memories of 1514 in Hungary
  • 6. Shaping the Memory of the French Wars of Religion. The First Centuries
  • Part Two Mediality
  • 7. Celebrating a Trojan Horse. Memories of the Dutch Revolt in Breda, 1590–1650
  • 8. ‘The Odious Demon from Across the Sea’. Oliver Cromwell, Memory and the Dislocations of Ireland
  • 9. Material Memories of the Guildsmen. Crafting Identities in Early Modern London
  • 10. Between Storytelling and Patriotic Scripture. The Memory Brokers of the Dutch Revolt
  • 11. Lost in Time and Space? Glocal Memoryscapes in the Early Modern World
  • 12. The Spaces of Memory and their Transmediations. On the Lives of Exotic Images and their Material Evocations
  • Part Three Personal Memory
  • 13. Disturbing Memories. Narrating Experiences and Emotions of Distressing Events in the French Wars of Religion
  • 14. Remembering Fear. The Fear of Violence and the Violence of Fear in Seventeenth-Century War Memories
  • 15. Permeable Memories. Family History and the Diaspora of Southern Netherlandish Exiles in the Seventeenth Century
  • 16. Women, Memory and Family History in Seventeenth-Century England
  • 17. The Experience of Rupture and the History of Memory
  • Index
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