The Modern Fairy Tale

The Modern Fairy Tale

By Paul Jordan
Book Description

This book provides a unique and intriguing insight into current debates concerning the relationship between nation and state as well as the political management of international image in today’s Europe through an examination of debates on nation branding and the Eurovision Song Contest. Europe is a contested construct and its boundaries are subject to redefinition. This work aims to advance critical thinking about contemporary nation branding and its relationship to, and influence on, nation building. In particular it focusses on key identity debates that the Eurovision Song Contest engendered in Estonia in the run-up to EU accession. The Eurovision Song Contest is an event which is often dismissed as musically and culturally inferior. However, this work demonstrates that it has the capacity to shed light on key identity debates and illuminate wider socio-political issues. Using a series of in-depth interviews with political elites, media professionals and opinion leaders, this book is a valuable contribution to the growing field of research on nation branding and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1. Nation building and nation branding in the post-Soviet context
  • 2. Brand Estonia: Nordic with a twist or twisting nationalism?
  • 3. The Eurovision Song Contest: Nation building and nation branding
  • 4. “What do I see? Estonia has again gotten one foot in the door to Europe.”
  • 5. Eurovision Song Contest 2002: a modern fairytale
  • 6. From Wild Dances in Ukraine to Hard Rock in Finland: A comparative perspective
  • References
  • Index
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