Power and Status in the Roman Empire, AD 193-284

Power and Status in the Roman Empire, AD 193-284

By Inge Mennen
Book Description

This book deals with changing power and status relations between the highest ranking representatives of Roman imperial power at the central level, in a period when the Empire came under tremendous pressure, AD 193-284. Based on epigraphic, literary and legal materials, the author deals with issues such as the third-century development of emperorship, the shift in power of the senatorial elite and the developing position of senior military officers and other high equestrians. By analyzing the various senior power-holders involved in Roman imperial administration by social rank, this book presents new insights into the diachronic development of imperial administration, appointment policies and socio-political hierarchies between the second and fourth centuries AD.

Table of Contents
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    • Contents
    • Acknowledgements
    • Abbreviations
    • Notes to the Reader
    • Introduction
    • Chapter One. Changing Emperorship: Setting the Scene
      • 1.1. Factors Influencing Emperorship between AD 193 and 284
      • 1.2. Consequences for the Position of the Emperor
      • 1.3. Conclusion
    • Chapter Two. The Impact of Crises on the Position of the Senatorial Elite
      • 2.1. Establishing the Senatorial Elite in the Third Century
      • 2.2. Analyzing the Selected Families
      • 2.3. Defining a Nucleus within the Senatorial Elite
      • 2.4. Conclusion
    • Excursus. Prosopography of the Senatorial Elite Families
    • Chapter Three. Praetorian Prefects and Other High-ranking Equestrians
      • 3.1. The Increasing Responsibilities of High Equestrians in Imperial Administration
      • 3.2. The Status of High-ranking Equestrians in the Third Century
      • 3.3. The praefecti praetorio: A Case Study
      • 3.4. Conclusion
    • Chapter Four. High-ranking Military Officers: Septimius Severus versus Gallienus
      • 4.1. Septimius Severus and His Military Officers
      • 4.2. Gallienus and His Military Officers
      • 4.3. Conclusion
    • Conclusion
    • Appendix One. List of Emperors and Usurpers (AD 193-284)
    • Appendix Two. Lists of Men Holding Senatorial Elite Positions between AD 193 and 284
    • Appendix Three. List of Praefecti Praetorio between AD 193 and 284
    • Bibliography
    • General Index
    • Index of Ancient Persons
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