Thoughts on Grammaticalization

Thoughts on Grammaticalization

By Christian Lehmann
Book Description

After a short review of the history of research, the work introduces and delimits the concepts related to grammaticalization. It then provides extensive exemplification of grammaticalization phenomena in diverse languages, ordered by grammatical domains such as the verbal, pronominal and nominal sphere and clause level relations. The final chapter presents a theory of grammaticalization which is based on the autonomy of the linguistic sign with respect to the paradigmatic and syntagmatic axes. This is the basis of the structural parameters that constitute grammaticalization. They are operationalized to the point of rendering degrees of grammaticalization measurable.

Table of Contents
  • Prospect of Volume II
  • Series Editors’ preface to the 3rd edition
  • Preface to the 1982 working paper version
  • Preface to the 1995/2002 editions
  • Abbreviations
  • The history of research in grammaticalization
  • Grammaticalization: characterization and delimitation of the concept
    • The term ``grammaticalization''
    • The meaning of ``grammaticalization''
    • Degrammaticalization
    • Renovation and innovation
    • Reinforcement
  • Grammatical domains
    • Verbal complexes
      • Existence and possession
      • The copula
      • Modals and moods
      • Tense and aspect
      • Passive and emphasis
      • Auxiliaries and alternative sources
    • Pronominal elements
      • Definite pronominal elements
        • Definite determiners
        • Personal pronouns
        • Reflexive pronouns
      • Indefinite pronominal elements
        • Interrogative pronouns
        • Indefinite pronouns
        • Negative indefinites
        • Conclusion
    • Nominal complexes
      • Nominal categories
        • Number
        • Numeral classifiers
      • Nominalization
      • Attribution
    • Clause level relations
      • Adverbial relations
        • Adverbial relators
        • Relational nouns
        • From adposition to case affix
        • Adverbs
        • Renovations and reinforcements
        • Preverbs
        • Coverbs
      • Main actant relations
        • Terminology
        • Grammatical cases
        • From functional sentence perspective to syntax
    • Conclusion
  • Parameters of grammaticalization
    • Theoretical prerequisites
    • Paradigmatic parameters
      • Integrity
      • Paradigmaticity
      • Paradigmatic variability
    • Syntagmatic parameters
      • Structural scope
      • Bondedness
      • Syntagmatic variability
    • Interaction of parameters
      • Quantifiability of the parameters
      • Correlation among the parameters
      • Lack of correlation
      • Reduction to zero and fixation of word order
  • Epilogue to the third edition
  • References
  • Index
    • Name index
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