The Pink Fairy Book

The Pink Fairy Book

By Andrew Lang
Book Description

The Cat's Elopement; How The Dragon Was Tricked; The Goblin And The Grocer; The House In The Wood; Uraschimataro And The Turtle; The Slaying Of The Tanuki; The Flying Trunk; The Snow-man; The Shirt-collar; The Princess In The Chest; The Three Brothers; The Snow-queen; The Fir-tree; Hans, The Mermaid's Son; Peter Bull; The Bird 'grip'; Snowflake; I Know What I Have Learned; The Cunning Shoemaker; The King Who Would Have A Beautiful Wife; Catherine And Her Destiny; How The Hermit Helped To Win The King's Daughter; The Water Of Life; The Wounded Lion; The Man Without A HeartThe Two Brothers; Master And Pupil; The Golden Lion; The Sprig Of Rosemary; The White Dove; The Troll's Daughter; Esben And The Witch; Princess Minon-minette; Maiden Bright-eye; The Merry Wives; King Lindorm; The Jackal, The Dove, And The Panther; The Little Hare; The Sparrow With The Slit Tongue; The Story Of Ciccu; Don Giovanni De La Fortuna.

Table of Contents
  • Edited by Andrew Lang
  • Preface
  • The Cat's Elopement
  • How the Dragon Was Tricked
  • The Goblin and the Grocer
    • Translated from the German of Hans Andersen.
  • The House in the Wood
    • From the German of Grimm.
  • Uraschimataro and the Turtle
  • The Slaying of the Tanuki
    • From the Japanische Murchen und Sagen.
  • The Flying Trunk
    • Translated from the German of Hans Andersen.
  • The Snow-man
    • Translated from the German of Hans Andersen.
  • The Shirt-collar
    • Translated from the German of Hans Andersen.
  • The Princess in the Chest
    • Translated from the Danish.
  • The Three Brothers
    • Translated from the German of the Brothers Grimm.
  • The Snow-queen
    • Translated from the German of Hans Andersen by Miss Alma Alleyne.
  • The Fir-tree
    • Translated from the German of Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Hans, the Mermaid's Son
    • Translated from the Danish.
  • Peter Bull
    • From the Danish.
  • The Bird 'Grip'
    • Translated from the Swedish.
  • Snowflake
  • I Know What I Have Learned
    • From the Danish.
  • The Cunning Shoemaker
    • Sicilianische Mahrchen.
  • The King Who Would Have a Beautiful Wife
    • Sicilianische Mahrchen.
  • Catherine and Her Destiny
    • Sicilianische Mahrchen von Laura Gonzenbach. Leipzig, Engelmann, 1870.
  • How the Hermit Helped to Win the King's Daughter
    • Sicilianische Mahrchen
  • The Water of Life
  • The Wounded Lion
    • Cuentos Populars Catalans.
  • The Man Without a Heart
  • The Two Brothers
    • Sicilianische Malirchen. L. Gonzenbach.
  • Master and Pupil
    • From the Danish.
  • The Golden Lion
    • Sicilianische Mahrchen. L. Gonzenbach.
  • The Sprig of Rosemary
  • The White Dove
    • From the Danish.
  • The Troll's Daughter
    • From the Danish.
  • Esben and the Witch
    • From the Danish.
  • Princess Minon-minette
    • Bibliotheque des Fees et aes Genies
  • Maiden Bright-eye
    • From the Danish
  • The Merry Wives
    • From the Danish
  • King Lindorm
    • From the Swedish.
  • The Jackal, the Dove, and the Panther
  • The Little Hare
  • The Sparrow with the Slit Tongue
    • From the Japanische Marchen und Sagen.
  • The Story of Ciccu
    • From Sicilianische Mahrchen.
  • Don Giovanni De La Fortuna
    • Sicilianische Mahrchen
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