Ten Steps to Linux Survival

Ten Steps to Linux Survival

By James Lehmer
Book Description

Linux systems are everywhere today, even in companies once considered "pure Windows." If you’re a sysadmin, network administrator, or developer in a small Windows shop, you may have to jump in and fix a system problem when your site goes down. What if you have no Linux knowledge? This short guide provides tips to help you survive.

Linux systems may appear in your shop as virtual machines or in the cloud, including web servers, databases, mobile device managers, version control, and monitoring systems. When one of them falters, this primer leads you through some diagnostic and recovery tasks so you can quickly get your site back up.

- Connect to a Linux system with OpenSSH and PuTTY secure shells

- List files and directories, and move around within the file system

- Safely inspect the file contents without changing them

- Narrow your search by using commands to locate specific files

- Use the grep command to search for error messages inside a file

- Determine real-time system state to find underlying problems

- Examine disk utilization and zero in on space-hogging files

- Transfer suspect files from Linux to Windows for later analysis

- Use commands to start, stop, restart, or even kill unresponsive services

- Know where to find help when troubleshooting isn’t enough

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Table of Contents
  • Ten Steps to Linux Survival
  • Ten Steps to Linux Survival
  • Introduction
    • Batteries Not Included
    • Please, Give (Suggestions) Generously
    • Why?
    • Caveat Administrator
    • Conventions
    • How to Get There from Here
    • Acknowledgments
  • Some History
    • Why Does This Matter?
    • Panic at the Distro
    • Get Embed With Me
    • Cygwin
  • Come Out of Your Shell
    • bash Built-Ins
    • Everything You Know is (Almost) Wrong
    • You're a Product of Your Environment (Variables)
      • Who Am I?
    • Paths (a Part of Any Balanced Shrubbery)
    • Open Your Shell and Interact
    • Getting Lazy
  • File Under "Directories"
    • Looking at Files
    • A Brief Detour Around Parameters
    • More Poking at Files
    • Sorting Things Out
    • Rearranging Deck Chairs
    • Making Files Disappear
    • touch Me
    • Navigating Through Life
    • May I?
    • "I'll Send You a Tar Ball"
    • Let's link Up!
      • I Said "Go Away!", Dammit!
      • mount It? I Don't Even Know It's Name!
      • I'm Seeing Double
    • What's the diff?
  • Finding Meaning
    • What's With the Backslashes?
    • Useful find Options
    • Useful find Actions
  • Grokking grep
    • Expressing Yourself Regularly
    • Groveling With grep
    • Gawking at awk
  • “Just a Series of Pipes”
    • All Magic is Redirection
    • Everyone Line Up
  • vi
    • Command Me
    • Undo Me
    • Circumnavigating vi
    • Insert Tab A Into Slot B
    • Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V
    • Change Machine
    • "X" Marks the Spot
    • Executing External Commands
    • The Unseen World
    • Let's Get Small
    • Editing on the Command Line
  • The Whole Wide World
    • sudo Make Me a Sandwich
    • Surfin' the Command Prompt
    • It's Nice to Share
    • You've Got Mail
    • Let's Connect
    • Network Configuration
  • The Man Behind the Curtain
    • All Part of the Process
    • When All You Have is a Hammer
    • Sawing Logs
    • It's All Temporary
  • How Do You Know What You Don’t Know, man?
    • man, is that info apropos?
    • How Do You Google, man?
    • Books and Stuff
  • And So On
    • One-Stop Shopping
    • Service Station
    • Package Management
    • Other Sources
    • Which which is Which?
    • Over and Over and Over
    • Start Me Up
    • Turn on Your Signals
    • Exit, Smiling
    • The End
  • Appendices
    • Cheat Sheet
      • Environment Variables
      • Conditional Execution
      • Redirection
      • Special Files and Directories
      • System Directories
      • Commands
      • System Commands
    • Examples
      • Keep It Simple, Stupid
      • Chain Gangs
      • Simple Scripts
  • Colophon
    • About the Author
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