The Fair Haven

The Fair Haven

By Samuel Butler
Book Description

Although educated and trained for a career in the clergy, Samuel Butler began to harbor serious doubts about his vocation and Christian morals in general at an early age. Although he addressed these issues in earnest debate with his colleagues and family members, Butler's confusion only worsened over time. He began to explore his concerns about Victorian-era hypocrisy in writing, penning a series of philosophically minded novels and social satires, The Fair Haven among them ...

Table of Contents
  • The Fair Haven
  • INTRODUCTION By R. A. Streatfeild
  • Butler’s Preface to the Second Edition
  • Memoir of The late John Pickard Owen
    • Chapter I
    • Chapter II
    • Chapter III
    • Chapter IV
  • The Fair Haven
    • Chapter I Introduction
    • Chapter II Strauss and the Hallucination Theory
    • Chapter III The Character and Conversion of St. Paul
    • Chapter IV Paul’s Testimony Considered
    • Chapter V A Consideration of Certain Ill-Judged Methods of Defence
    • Chapter VI More Disingenuousness
    • Chapter VII Difficulties felt by our Opponents
    • Chapter VIII The Preceding Chapter Continued
    • Chapter IX The Christ-Ideal
    • Chapter X Conclusion
    • Appendix
      • I The Burial
      • II The Guard set upon the Tomb (Peculiar to Matthew)
      • III Visit of Mary Magdalene, and Others, to the Tomb
      • IV Appearance of Christ to Mary Magdalene and Others
      • V The Bribing of the Guard (Peculiar to Matthew)
      • VI Appearance to Cleopas (and James?)
      • VII Appearance to the Apostles (Twice in John)
      • VIII The Ascension
      • IX St. Paul’s account of our Lord’s Reappearances
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