Ruby Web Dev: The Other Way

Ruby Web Dev: The Other Way

By Ievgen Kuzminov
Book Description

This guide is born after a question “Could you write a list of all the things, that a good Ruby on Rails developer should know?”. I decided to expand it to the whole of Ruby web development and related “Full Stack” skills (but also limit it to “Web”, as it is not about Ruby in general).

It is inspired by “PHP The Right Way” guide. The format and advises. This guide also contains sections dedicated to very important aspects of web development, explanation (if needed) and the list of tutorial links.

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Table of Contents
  • Intro
    • Why not “Ruby On Rails” and not “The Right Way”?
    • Damaged ecosystem
    • Manifesto
    • You can help here
  • My Dream Stack
  • Ground knowledge
    • Web
    • Linux
    • IDE
  • Gems
  • Ruby on Rails
    • Confusing environments
    • You don’t need ActiveRecord for every kind of model
    • Before filter/action
    • HTML helpers. Decorators.
    • ActiveJob and business logic
  • Alternative frameworks
    • Full-featured
      • Hanami.rb
    • Specialized
      • Grape
    • Mini
  • Architecture
  • Dependency Injection and IoC containers
  • The magical world of Metaprogramming
  • Mixin/Module include - it is not composition
  • Document your code
  • Debug
  • SQL
  • Tests
    • Unit tests
    • Test Behavior, not Configuration
    • Integration tests
    • Test data: Fixtures vs Factories
    • Stub external services call
    • Speed-up test
    • Learn Tests Design
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Know your App Server!
  • Know your CLI!
  • Admin
  • Templates
  • Cache
    • Static content
    • Dynamic content
    • Nginx page microcache
    • Application level key-value cache
  • Fulltext search
  • Style guide and style checker
  • Frontend
    • HTML / CSS
    • JavaScript
      • jQuery
      • Debug JavaScript
      • Server-side rendered JS
      • Modern JavaScript
  • Performance
    • Benchmarks
  • Deployment and Server
  • Web Application Security
  • Stay open-minded, stay hungry!
  • Community
  • Follow great Ruby developers
  • Books
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