Android Developer Fundamentals Course – Concepts

Android Developer Fundamentals Course – Concepts

By Google Developer Training team
Book Description

Android Developer Fundamentals is a training course created by the Google Developer Training team. You learn basic Android programming concepts and build a variety of apps, starting with Hello World and working your way up to apps that use content providers and loaders.

Android Developer Fundamentals prepares you to take the exam for the Associate Android Developer Certification.

This course is intended to be taught in a classroom, but all the materials are online, so if you like to learn by yourself, go ahead!


Android Developer Fundamentals is intended for new and experienced developers who already have Java programming experience and now want to learn to build Android apps.

Course materials

The course materials include:

  • This concept reference, which teaches subjects you need to learn to complete the exercises in the practical workbook. Some lessons are purely conceptual and do not have an accompanying practical.

  • This book.

  • Slide decks (for optional use by instructors)

  • Videos of lectures (for reference by instructors and students)

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1.0: Introduction to Android
  • 1.1: Create Your First Android App
  • 1.2: Layouts, Views and Resources
  • 1.3: Text and Scrolling Views
  • 1.4: Resources to Help You Learn
  • 2.1: Understanding Activities and Intents
  • 2.2: The Activity Lifecycle and Managing State
  • 2.3: Activities and Implicit Intents
  • 3.1: The Android Studio Debugger
  • 3.2: Testing your App
  • 3.3: The Android Support Library
  • 4.1: User Input Controls
  • 4.2: Menus
  • 4.3: Screen Navigation
  • 4.4: RecyclerView
  • 5.1: Drawables, Styles, and Themes
  • 5.2: Material Design
  • 5.3: Providing Resources for Adaptive Layouts
  • 6.1: Testing the User Interface
  • 7.1: AsyncTask and AsyncTaskLoader
  • 7.2: Connect to the Internet
  • 7.3: Broadcast Receivers
  • 7.4: Services
  • 8.1: Notifications
  • 8.2: Scheduling Alarms
  • 8.3: Transferring Data Efficiently
  • 9.0: Storing Data
  • 9.1: Shared Preferences
  • 9.2: App Settings
  • 10.0: SQLite Primer
  • 10.1: SQLite Database
  • 11.1: Share Data Through Content Providers
  • 12.1: Loaders
  • 13.1: Permissions, Performance and Security
  • 14.1: Firebase and AdMob
  • 15.1: Publish!
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