Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science
Rajiv S. Jhangiani (editor)
Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science

Affordable education. Transparent science. Accessible scholarship. 

These ideals are slowly becoming a reality thanks to the open education, open science, and open access movements. Running separate—if parallel—courses, they all share a philosophy of equity, progress, and justice. This book shares the stories, motives, insights, and practical tips from global leaders in the open movement.

Print edition available for purchase via Ubiquity Press.

Introduction to Open (Robert Biswas-Diener and Rajiv S. Jhangiani)
A Brief History of Open Educational Resources (T. J. Bliss and M. Smith)
Open Licensing and Open Education Licensing Policy (Cable Green)
Openness and the Transformation of Education and Schooling (William G. Huitt and David M. Monetti)
What Can OER Do for Me? Evaluating the Claims for OER (Martin Weller, Beatriz de los Arcos, Rob Farrow, Rebecca Pitt and Patrick McAndrew)
Are OE Resources High Quality? (Regan A. R. Gurung)
Open Practices
Opening Science (Brian A. Nosek)
Open Course Development at the OERu (Wayne Mackintosh)
From OER to Open Pedagogy: Harnessing the Power of Open (Robin DeRosa and Scott Robison)
Opening Up Higher Education with Screencasts (David B. Miller and Addison Zhao)
Librarians in the Pursuit of Open Practices (Quill West)
A Library Viewpoint: Exploring Open Educational Practices (Anita Walz)
How to Open an Academic Department (Farhad Dastur)
Case Studies
The International Journal of Wellbeing: An Open Access Success Story (Dan Weijers and Aaron Jarden)
Iterating Toward Openness: Lessons Learned on a Personal Journey (David Wiley)
Open-Source for Educational Materials Making Textbooks Cheaper and Better (Ed Diener, Carol Diener and Robert Biswas-Diener)
Free is Not Enough (Richard Baraniuk, Nicole Finkbeiner, David Harris, Dani Nicholson and Daniel Williamson)
The BC Open Textbook Project (Mary Burgess) Sharing to Improve the Teaching of Research Methods (David B. Strohmetz, Natalie J. Ciarocco and Gary W. Lewandowski, Jr.)
DIY Open Pedagogy: Freely Sharing Teaching Resources in Psychology (Jessica Hartnett)
You Can’t Sell Free, and Other OER Problems (Robert Biswas-Diener)
Open as Default: The Future of Education and Scholarship (Rajiv S. Jhangiani)
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