Flipped Through Design

Flipped Through Design

By Jacob Bane
Book Description

The “Flipped Classroom” model of instruction has generated discussion around the world of education. Numerous articles have been written documenting experiences surrounding this method of teaching. The one piece that has been missing from this discussion is a sound framework to design a “Flipped” course using proven design principles. Instructional Design provides a proven framework to design all types of instruction and these principles can be used to design a “Flipped” course.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright
  • Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What is the "Flipped Classroom?"
  • What is Instructional Design?
  • How can Instructional Design build a "Flipped Classroom?"
  • Using Instructional Design to "Flip" the Classroom
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited
  • Reader Feedback
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