By Faith Not By Sight

By Faith Not By Sight

By Senator Floyd Morris PhD
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Book Description


Senator Floyd Morris PhD created history by
becoming the first Senator in Jamaica who is
blind, a journey that started in the parish of St
Mary with a young man who lost his Sight and
momentarily. his hope, After leaving high school
without a single subject. Floyd embarked on an
uncharted path to success propelled by his faith.
an unflinching will and the personal conviction
to succeed

In this moving account of the resilience of the
human spirit. Senator Floyd Moms PhD tells his
story from a unique and objective Viewpoint
from which to examine the modern political
history of Jamaica To serve in the Upper House
of Jamaica's Parliament: to be appointed
President of the Senate: and to be appointed a
Junior Minister in the government are feats that
would be admirable in a sighted person and
make Floyd's achievements all the more
exceptional. His pioneering efforts to advocate
for legislation to improve the quality of life and
inclusion of persons with disabilities, is a legacy
that will impact generations to come

By Faith. Not 8y Sight is a welcome record of
excellence in the story of a nation that has
impacted the world primarily through the
tenacity of its people.

Table of Contents
  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Born to An Exceptional Destiny
  • Chapter 2: Going Blind
  • Chapter 3: Horace Clarke Returns to Power
  • Chapter 4: MICO College Says Yes!
  • Chapter 5: The Day a Family Cried
  • Chapter 6: Walking with Christ
  • Chapter 7: ‘Ray Charles’ on Taylor Hall
  • Chapter 8: My Encounter with P.J. Patterson
  • Chapter 9: On the Path to Progress
  • Chapter 10: The Defeat of the PNP in 2007
  • Chapter 11: Down but Not Out
  • Chapter 12: Is Love Blind?
  • Chapter 13: When True Love Comes Knocking at Your Door
  • Chapter 14: ‘Thee President’
  • Chapter 15: "Din" Pryce Blind Boy Completes PhD
  • Chapter 16: 25 Reasons For Success
  • Back Cover
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