Jamaican Bauxite

Jamaican Bauxite

By Anthony R.D. Porter
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Book Description


“Jamaican bauxite deposit: are unlike others around the world; it is not unreasonable to call
them unique. The deposits developed on extremely pure limestones, some remain close to were
they formed in karst terrain, while others have been transported and deposited at lower
elevations. What has been published concerning their features, and the controversial issue of
their genesis. is scattered among many publications. This book, written in an easy style. bring;
together the published and unpublished material with the author’s life time of observations, and

is richly illustrated for a wide readership. It fulfills the long absent need for a comprehensive
description of Jamaican bauxite both as a reference for their geology and geochemistry, a
teaching resource. and for general interest readers. "

Robert G. Garrett
- Emeritus Scientist,
Geological Survey ofCanada, Ottawa

Table of Contents
  • Cover Page
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Dedication
  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Illustrations and Tables
  • Part A. Historical Background
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Discovery and Early Exploration
    • 3. Occurrence and Distribution
    • 4. Brief Review of Operating Companies
    • 5. Drilling and Mining
    • 6. Reserves, Resources and Production
  • Part B. Chemical and Mineralogical Composition
    • 1. Major Elements and Oxides
    • 2. Silica
    • 3. Phosphorus
    • 4. Aluminian (Aluminous) Goethite
    • 5. Lithiophorite and Zinc
    • 6. Organic Carbon
    • 7. Rare Earth Elements (REES)
    • 8. Zircon
    • 9. Beryllium and Strontium
    • 10. Radioactivity
  • Part C. Physical Features and Properties
    • 1. Colour
    • 2. Texture
    • 3. Feel
    • 4. Particle Size and Ferruginous Pellets.
    • 5. pH - Bauxite and Red Mud
    • 6. Porosity, Moisture Content, Permeability
    • 7. Density
    • 8. Cavities
    • 9. Fractures and Veins
    • 10. Faults
    • 11. Contact variations
    • 12. Sediments either overlying or within bauxite
      • Lacustrine marl
      • Gravel deposits
    • 13. Sediments between bauxite and limestone
      • Phosphorite
      • Clay
    • 14. Ironstone
  • Part D. Origin
    • 1. Introduction
      • Summary of Geological History
      • Residual Theory
      • Alluvial Theory
      • Volcanic Ash Theory
      • Concluding Remarks
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Selected References
  • Index
  • Back cover
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