Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students - Second Edition

Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students - Second Edition

By Lystra B. Stephens-James, Mauvalyn M. Bowen, Cuthbert C. Joseph, Franklyn Gittens, Paul Pounder, K'adamawe A.H.N. K'nife, Denis Mitchell, Keith Arnold McDonald
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Book Description

Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students – Second Edition enables students to master all subject areas in the latest CAPE syllabus, including growth of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in the Caribbean, social entrepreneurship, e-commerce and business ventures.
In this edition, the authors have included cases at the end of every chapter, allowing for investigative inquiry into a contemporary phenomenon within a real-world context. These carefully crafted cases are culturally relevant to the region and reflect the social, economic and historical realities within which prospective entrepreneurs must operate.
Inside, unit one focuses on what is entrepreneurship and its drivers, the development of entrepreneurship within a Caribbean perspective, steps in the entrepreneurial process, creativity and innovation. Unit two explores types of business ventures, legal and regulatory practice of operating a business, social entrepreneurship, market research, importance of financial information, developing a business model and e-commerce.
Objectives and learning outcomes at the start of each chapter
An introduction which previews the material to be covered
Simple definitions of key terms and concepts
Chapter summaries
Review and discussion questions at the end of each chapter
BONUS: Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students – Second Edition offers detailed guidelines for students and teachers on completing the School Based Assessment (SBA). Additional cases and suggested answers are also available on the Learning Portal through Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited website. Students can also access these cases by scanning the QR code at the end of the Preface and each chapter.

Table of Contents
  • Entrepreneurship Cover
  • Preliminary Pages
  • Table of Contents
  • Unit 1 Entrepreneurship Theory
    • Module 1 The Entrepreneurial Mindset
      • 1 The Development and Growth of Entrepreneurship with a Caribbean Perspective
      • 2 The Entrepreneurial Mindset in Individuals
    • Module 2 The Entrepreneurial Process
      • 3 Initiating Entrepreneurial Ventures
    • Module 3 Creativity and Innovations
      • 4 Role of Creativity and Innovation
  • Unit 2 Entrpreneurship Practice
    • Module 1 Essentials of Business Ownership
      • 5 Business Ventures
      • 6 Legal and Regulatory Framework
      • 7 Social Entrepreneurship
    • Module 2 New Ventures Planning and Creation
      • 8 Research and Screening of Opportunities
      • 9 Financial Information for Entrepreneurial Ventures
      • 10 Sources of Capital for Entrepreneurial Ventures
      • 11 Developing the Business Model
    • Module 3 Managing, Growing and Harvesting the Venture
      • 12 Growth Strategies and Valuation Methods for Entrepreneurial Ventures
      • 13 E-commerce
      • 14 School Based Assessment
  • Answers
  • Glossary
  • References
  • About the Authors
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