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Michael Manley, The Biography
Godfrey Smith
Biographies & Memoirs
Michael Manley, The Biography
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Michael Manley has been the subject of many books, yet he remains an enigmatic figure to even his family. Twenty years after his passing, Jamaicans and the world remain ambivalent in their judgement of the legacy of this controversial post-independence leader who challenged the history of a complex nation as he sought to build on the legacy of politically and culturally influential parents.Now comes Godfrey Smith’s new biography of Michael Norman Manley, taking advantage of many rich and previously classified sources as he searches for the elusive soul and spirit of his subject. While many will want to focus on the turbulent decade of the 1970s and the roles played by Henry Kissinger and US ambassador, Vincent deRoulet, in the demise of Democratic Socialism and Manley’s eventual downfall, it is the multi-faceted character and mercurial personality of Manley that will leave readers in awe. From stories of his earliest childhood days and his tempestuous years at Jamaica College, through his many loves, marriages and personal tragedies, Smith reveals aspects of Manley’s personality that have evoked contrasting emotions of endearment among many and fury among others, to this day. Will history be kind to Michael Manley? Godfrey Smith leaves that judgement to his readers.

1. Drumblair
2. In His Father’s Shadow
3. Adrift in London
4. Into the Bowels of the Working Class
‘5. Most Privileged Man in Jamaica’
6. Don’t Trouble Joshua
7. Taking Central Kingston
8. ‘Comrade Leader’
9. Babylon Must Fall
10. The Egalitarian Revolution
11. The Flight with Fidel
12. Multinationals under ‘Heavy Manners’
13. The Spectre of Communism
14. Kissinger Calls
15. Blood and Fire
16. ‘We Know Where We are Going’
17. Democratic Socialism Imperilled
18. ‘The Routing of the Left’
19. ‘The Passing of Camelot’
20. End of the Socialist Experiment
21. Losing Control
22. Can 150,000 Strong be Wrong?
23. The Wilderness Years
24. An Opposition in Exile
25. The Reinvention of Michael Manley
26. ‘Joshua Gone Clear’
27. Ally of America
28. ‘Apostle of the Free Market’
29. The Magic of Nyumbani
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