Adult Suffrage & Political Administrations in Jamaica 1944-2002

Adult Suffrage & Political Administrations in Jamaica 1944-2002

By Trevor Munroe; Arnold Bertram
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Since 1944, the Jamaican people, without ethnic or religious strife, civil war, military coup, one-party dictatorship, assassination of political leaders, insurgency or genocide, have voted out governments and voted in opposition parties in free and fair elections – a record in democratic governance equalled by only a handful of stated worldwide.

In Adult Suffrage and Political Administrations in Jamaica, 1944-2002, Trevor Munroe and Arnold Bertram, both active participants in this process, documents critical aspects of this record.

Key features of this publication include: the elections through which the consolidation of democracy occurred  the representatives – their gender, education, occupation, age – whom the people chose to form 13 successive governments and parliaments  the laws that the legislature passed and the institutions governments established in building a modern democratic state  advances and failures - political, economic, social and cultural – of each administration  comparison of the performances of successive administrations  the critical challenges facing the Jamaican people and the new leaders.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Illustrations
  • Introduction
  • PART One -The Journey To Adult Suffrage
    • The Colonial Franchise,1664–1865
    • From Crown Colony to Adult Suffrage, 1866–1944
  • PART Two Pre-Independence Administrations
    • The 1944–1949 Administration
    • The 1949–1955 Administration
    • The 1955–1959 Administration
    • The 1959–1962 Administration
  • PART Three: Post-independence Administrations
    • The 1962–1967 Administration
    • The 1967–1972 Administration
    • The 1972–1976 Administration
    • The 1976–1980 Administration
    • The 1980–1983 Administration
    • The 1983–1989 Administration
    • The 1989–1993 Administration
    • The 1993–1997 Administration
    • The 1997–2002 Administration
    • Achievements and Challenges
  • Appendix - KSAC and Parish Council Election Results
  • Notes
  • Index
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