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Adult Suffrage & Political Administrations in Jamaica 1944-2002
Trevor Munroe; Arnold Bertram
Politics & Social Sciences
Adult Suffrage & Political Administrations in Jamaica 1944-2002
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Since 1944, the Jamaican people, without ethnic or religious strife, civil war, military coup, one-party dictatorship, assassination of political leaders, insurgency or genocide, have voted out governments and voted in opposition parties in free and fair elections – a record in democratic governance equalled by only a handful of stated worldwide.

In Adult Suffrage and Political Administrations in Jamaica, 1944-2002, Trevor Munroe and Arnold Bertram, both active participants in this process, documents critical aspects of this record.

Key features of this publication include: the elections through which the consolidation of democracy occurred  the representatives – their gender, education, occupation, age – whom the people chose to form 13 successive governments and parliaments  the laws that the legislature passed and the institutions governments established in building a modern democratic state  advances and failures - political, economic, social and cultural – of each administration  comparison of the performances of successive administrations  the critical challenges facing the Jamaican people and the new leaders.

PART One -The Journey To Adult Suffrage
The Colonial Franchise,1664–1865
From Crown Colony to Adult Suffrage, 1866–1944
PART Two Pre-Independence Administrations
The 1944–1949 Administration
The 1949–1955 Administration
The 1955–1959 Administration
The 1959–1962 Administration
PART Three: Post-independence Administrations
The 1962–1967 Administration
The 1967–1972 Administration
The 1972–1976 Administration
The 1976–1980 Administration
The 1980–1983 Administration
The 1983–1989 Administration
The 1989–1993 Administration
The 1993–1997 Administration
The 1997–2002 Administration
Achievements and Challenges
Appendix - KSAC and Parish Council Election Results
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