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Caribbean Security in the Age of Terror: Challenge and Change
Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith
Caribbean Security in the Age of Terror: Challenge and Change
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The security issues which have come into prominence since the September 11 terrorist attack in the USA provide both the starting point and the focus for this comprehensive survey of contemporary security issues in the Caribbean. This volume assesses the impact of the 9/11 terrorist attack on Caribbean states and examines the institutional and operational terrorism response capacity of security agencies in the region. However, understanding security challenge and change in the Caribbean context requires a broad-based multidimensional approach; terrorism for the small, open and vulnerable nation states of the Caribbean region is a real security issue but even more so, is a range of untraditional threats like crime, drug trafficking, territorial disputes, environmental degradation and the rapid spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. How these states adapt policies and practices to adjust to the new regional and global circumstances represent the challenge and the change.

Professor Griffith has sought the contributions from an impressive array of academics, policy-makers and frontline security practitioners from the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and the USA, and has himself developed a new and path-breaking conceptual approach to security called the Discrete Multidimensional Security Framework.

Among the other outstanding features of this volume is a comprehensive listing of the border and territorial disputes in the Caribbean Basin

List of Tables and Figures
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Preface and Acknowledgements
Introduction: Understanding Reality, Interpreting Change
Probing Security Challenge and Change in the Caribbean
Security, Terrorism and International Law: A Skeptical Comment
Territorial Disputes and Regional Security in the Caribbean Basin
A Portrait of Crime in the Caribbean: Realities and Challenges
The Challenge of the Corruption-Violence Connection
The Menace of Drugs
Globalisation and Economic Vulnerability: The Caribbean and the ‘Post-9/11 Shift’
The Environmental Security Challenge
The Caribbean, HIV/AIDSand Security
United States-Caribbean Relations: The Impact of 9/11
Caribbean-European Relations: Did 9/11 make a difference?
Agenda Setting and Regionalism in the Greater Caribbean: Responses to 9/11
Economic and Trade Impact of 9/11
The Impact of 9/11 on Migration Relations Between the Caribbean and the United States
Coping with 9/11: State and Civil Society Responses
The Anti-terrorism Capacity of Caribbean Security Forces
Hemispheric Response to Terrorism: A Call for Action
The Caribbean on the World Scene: Security Regimes, Instruments, and Actions
Regional Security Cooperation: Traditional and Non-traditional Areas
Regional Law Enforcement Strategies in the Caribbean
Conclusion: Contending with Challenge, Coping with Change
Afterword: Rethinking Approaches to Security in the Caribbean
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